Mo hup leung juk

Mo hup leung juk

Zhu Yanzhi (Charlene Choi), disguised as a man, seeks to learn martial arts with an elite clan. Once she begins her intense training, Zhu finds herself at odds with her trainer and superior, Liang (Chun Wu).

Zhu Yanzhi (Charlene Choi), disguised as a man, seeks to learn martial arts with an elite clan. Once she begins her intense training, Zhu finds herself at odds with her trainer and superior, Liang (Chun Wu). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jei P (us) wrote: what did i get myself into

Joo P (it) wrote: Interesting premise, a slow pace, but a very well executed movie, Westworld is a good sci-fi mixed with elements of suspense. (3,5/5)

Oj H (nl) wrote: It worked for what it was. Good popcorn movie. Great visuals. Acting was fine(Theron killed it[in a good way]!!!). But there wasn't much else there... it fell flat but I went in already expecting that.

Emmanuel B (de) wrote: Excellent documentary about a discrete member of the Beatles, yet amazingly talented and influential. More documentaries Mr. Scorsese!

Candi B (kr) wrote: Funny movie with a good cast. Doesn't really go anywhere - one of those "a day in the life of" types. But worth watching for some light entertainment. No real brain activity required to follow the "plot". Loved the granny.

Godfrey C (de) wrote: Are you fucking kidding me?

Steve J (gb) wrote: Superb portrait of a mind, and a talent, that started eating itself and couldn't stop. A brilliant black-and-white evocation of times gone by, and a warning against the compulsion to please others at our own expense. RIP Ian Curtis. Amazing film :-)

Kori S (mx) wrote: A Cult classic... But a great movie!!!

Budge B (ag) wrote: A film which starts, you imagine, as a nice French / Swiss comedy of manners as a rich, talented couple remarry after a separation of some twenty years or so. She is the owner of company which makes legendary drinking chocolate. He, Andr, is a concert pianist. They appear blissfully happy - she, Mika, had remained friends with his in-between wife, had comforted him after her tragic death, and had readily assumed the role of mother to his teenage son, Guillaume. Bliss.Enter a young music student, a tall elegantly beautiful young woman, Jeanne, who dreams of being a concert pianist. She learns from her mother that there had been mix-up at the hospital the night she was born, the famous concert pianist believing for a time that she was his child.She sets out to visit the pianist - with all the potential for dramatic (or even comic) tension as the happy families are torn apart. What she uncovers is the nature of evil. Mika, so sweet and helpful and caring, has a pathological disregard for others. She manipulates - with her wealth, her beauty, her charm, her sweetness, or any other weapon she can find.This is a beautifully made film. Isabelle Huppert and Anna Mougalis are outstanding. As an exploration of evil, it has great quality. But it is a film which doesn't really work. You can see where the story is going, you can enjoy the building tension, but ultimately the conclusion feels a bit tame. Except, Mika sheds a tear for her loss. Her husband does not. You wonder if he is so anaesthetised to any emotion other than the ones he experiences through music that he must share complicity in her crimes. He is so absorbed in his own self-importance as maestro, he simply fails to engage in the world around him. The pair are, indeed, suited to one another, but which one is most responsible for her crimes?Claude Chabrol (Isabelle Huppert's husband) regularly makes liberal use of music in his films and this one is no exception. The direction of the piece echoes the changing mood of a concerto. The visuals are always elegant. And he celebrates his actors, particularly the female ones. This is an enjoyable film, and one which benefits from the 'making of' documentary and interview with Huppert which are offered as extras, but it is not Chabrol's best. A film to be enjoyed more for the quality of its acting than for its narrative satisfaction.

Dana A (ru) wrote: I love how Gary Sinise keeps popping up as George Wallace in these all these docudramas and bio movies. Too funny. Very good performances, especially by Dumbledore. This movie more far too slow for me in the first half but lucky picked up by the second half. Not all acurate but for what its worth its educational about the history of president LBJ and you do learn something, whether or not you agree with the lesson. One star taken away for too long and not crediting Gary Sinise.

Teela N (es) wrote: i ove this movie corney yet funny ..gotta love horace pinker ... like father like son

Blair M (br) wrote: One of my favorites growing up...oh wait, I don't think I grew up.

Sebastian F (es) wrote: My third fav Bond film... Moore is brilliant in his debut as Bond and looks amazing for 44, Jane Seymous is gorgeous, and so on. But I just love it for being to much different to the other Bond movies, and mainly because it's so much FUN !!

VJ B (kr) wrote: It's so great to stumble upon a really solid noirish melodrama now and then. Richard Conte ftw

xGary X (ru) wrote: The first half of this post war-time drama is a straight propaganda piece, filmed in newsreel style, showing how the plucky ladies and chaps of the OSS were trained to sock it to the dreaded hun. This has some value as a historical curio, but it hardly makes for gripping drama. Fortunately, half way through one of the operatives turns out to be a double agent, and Cagney himself parachutes into enemy territory to fulfil the mission. From here on in it becomes far more satisfying as Cagney comes into his own as his trademark no-nonsense tough guy and some atmospheric location based camera work nicely combines wartime bravado with some visuals and themes that would not look out of place in a film noir. Rather dated, but a solid thriller that's pretty much carried entirely by Cagney's charisma.

Jonathan P (jp) wrote: The worst Corn film thus far Fields of Terror is dull and has none of the campiness that made the others (with the exception being 2) somewhat enjoyable. Eva Mendes was wasted in one her earliest roles and the film just dully drags on without ever anything fun happening.

max b (de) wrote: Nice romantic comedy, the story is a bit simple and gets boring by moments, but the chemistry between the two leading roles (Kunis-Timberlake) can save those moments. There are better choice, but this is an ok comedy and anybody would like to imagine himself in a relation with the beautiful Mila Kunis

Brad W (fr) wrote: Great movie! Classic!

Ville H (us) wrote: Melkonen taidepljys, mutta hienosti tehty. Kovin kummosta juonta ei ole kehitelty, mutta kerronta on omaa luokkaansa. "Tunnelma" on tmn elokuvan teema.

Larry W (br) wrote: good muppet humor, focused on my favorite character. Due to studio interference, lacks original muppet songs.