Mo' Money

Mo' Money

Trying to get his act together, a con artist gets a job in a credit card company. He falls in love with a fellow employee, he steals a couple of cards, everything is going great. But soon, the chief of security drags him into the big leagues of criminals...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   police,   chase,  

Trying to get his act together, a con artist gets a job in a credit card company. He falls in love with a fellow employee, he steals a couple of cards, everything is going great. But soon, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve J (au) wrote: Wonderful stuff from Laos. A very beautiful movie.

Carolyn H (fr) wrote: This was an amazing expose on the rich republican and famous. I applaud Jackie for attempting to be a "normal" person. I don't feel she is intentionally aloof - and does try. Obviously she likes being married to a sugar daddy and has obvious affection for David, despite the fact that he doesn't for her. She had 7 children, no small feat. The fact that he has no enlightenment over the fact that the traditional 98% society is not perfect, is not right - and will give no credit to the Obama presidency for his recovery is expected. I LOVE that he states (twice, in two different, significant interviews) that he is SINGLEHANDEDLY, yes, SINGLEHANDEDLY responsible for GW Bush's Election and "we probably wouldn't have gotten involved in Iraq if I wouldn't have stuck my nose in"Does anyone notice that there has been NOTHING done to refute these statements and that he has had so many pictures with republicans (including George and Jeb Bush)?!!!! He has made so much money off of Walmart shopping blue collar workers... and makes no bones about it. He even tried to take this company to court to throw the credibility of this video out - to no the courts looked into all the footage and can find zero evidence that these people didn't cooperate of their own accord. They certainly did cooperate and they came back from the brink - from bankruptcy and total insolvency, from losing their "Versailles" to solvency, returning to build their Versailles and getting back in the black (when Mr. Siegal stated that if Obama was elected he would lose everything). When questioned about his resurgence and current success and his erroneous statements about President Obama being elected Mr. Siegel did not comment. I find this simply amazing, that a man states he has Singlehandedly gotten someone elected, had an influence on getting us into the Iraq war (and I find these statements to have some basis, since he was a VERY successful billionaire at the time of President Bush's elections and states he "won't say How he did this because "some of it was illegal"!!!! I dare Republicans to watch this and I dare them to find evidence that George W. Bush or anyone connected to him has ever, ever refuted these statements. If this was anyway connected to President Clinton, it would have been on the news on every channel until he was impeached. I wonder, why, why, except for money and the influence of the Rich, was President Bush allowed to continue, unencumbered, in view of these statements and illegalities??!! Sad, sad - but supports my view that the President has much less influence than the rich and famous 98% that continue to contribute to the demise of this great nation. Until the apathetic voter gets off their behind and cares enough to investigate and question their congressmen, senators and each other....this demise will continue.

The Movie W (it) wrote: Tired of being the butt of society's jokes, two redheads set off on a nihilistic rampage across the grim landscape of Northern France. They plan to catch the ferry to Ireland where they believe everyone is of ginger persuasion. As a resident of Ireland I can tell you they'd be seriously disappointed. Vincent Cassell is fantastic as the elder of the pair and the film's first half is thoroughly gripping. As is so often the case with this type of tale it meanders into violence in the final act.

William D (kr) wrote: Prolific screenwriter Alan Ball ("American Beauty," "Six Feet Under," "True Blood") has only tried his hand at direction a few times. "Towelhead," which he also wrote, was his first and (so far) last attempt at directing a feature film. Based on the mediocre results, I don't think he'll be directing any more films. He should stick to writing, especially television writing. That's where his talent lies. "Towelhead" has some very interesting subject matter and has many very courageous aspects. It tells the story of a 13-year-old suburban girl of mixed Lebanese and white American heritage coming to terms with many things, including the break-up of her parents, her suddenly surging sexual desire, and anti-Middle Eastern prejudice. Initially, I thought the film was going to be a send-up of the way semi-educated Americans perceive Middle Easterners. There's certainly plenty of that. But the center of the film is the girl's emerging sexuality. A major sequence depicts her learning to give herself orgasms, for example. We also see her exploring pornography and learning to flirt with both boys and men. What's perhaps most interesting is how the adults around her react. This is very interesting subject matter. The original novel was written by an American woman of Middle Eastern descent (Alicia Erian), and it was intended not for titillation but for serious artistic exploration of the sexual side of life and the difficulties girls face in exploring their sexualities. Alan Ball, in adapting the screenplay, takes the subject matter seriously as well. The problem is that the direction is horrendously flat and bland. Its style is also relentlessly television-like. It is obvious that Ball spent the 10 years leading up to the project completely immersed in television. After about an hour, I could barely watch it any longer. The editing is also so bad that the film ends up repeating itself over and over. The screenwriting also often seems unsure of what it wants to say or even explore. It's often also just flat-out boring. Bottom line: great subject matter, weak film adaptation.

Bradley W (ca) wrote: The Strangers may not be the most intelligent or original horror film, but it's nonetheless a terrifying film that will leave you scared to stay home alone.

Teija R (kr) wrote: Uusi versio klassikosta...

Fernando F (de) wrote: A children's movie with horribly unfunny attempts at cheap slapstick humor. The "dumb blonde" female lead ruins nearly every shot she's in.

Michael B (au) wrote: An excellent documentary of the Veitnam War/American invasion, non-narratively stylized to allow you to form an independent opinion, though the spliced images clearly depict a war under false pretense with no true winners. Also, the parallels between policy then and what we see in the Iraq/Afghanistan War/American invasion today is, to say the least, uncanny. One major difference between that war & the one today is you won't see the candid coverage allowed then. The government learned its lesson, now we need to be more vigilant than ever, like the efforts of Wikileaks, to expose the truth.

Ryan M (mx) wrote: A well-crafted British murder mystery. Very enjoyable.