Mob Rules

Mob Rules

Time is running out for two elite criminals as they seek out revenge to get the money they are owed after a heist gone wrong, years ago. They've traveled across the country, tracked down ...

Time is running out for two elite criminals as they seek out revenge to get the money they are owed after a heist gone wrong, years ago. They've traveled across the country, tracked down ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michelle f (de) wrote: Nikki and the way you have to be able and I will have a great to the best way.hello people

Kathryn R (br) wrote: Well acted, complex storyline, but ... boring. I left before the film ended.

Kevin N (us) wrote: Minty koJihadistKillLoopJackKokkoLkdllfkdlfdkfldkfodfkdofkdofdkdokfdofkd

Satbir S (br) wrote: What was I thinking?

Nelly B (de) wrote: Ce film est dment. ^^

Alice S (mx) wrote: The main character's name isn't Mao Dabing. It's still Mao Xiaobing. "Xiao" means "little" and "da" means "big," so he's joking that he has grown up. Very sweet movie but the more I watch it, the more leery I am of the melodramatic coincidences the story depends on.

Marco B (ag) wrote: Not bad for a prologue for a TV series. But, still great. :)

Usman A (nl) wrote: Loved this movie. Very nice.

Raphael G (ag) wrote: Slow moving, and yet not tedious. Quite nice, really.

Lee M (mx) wrote: Terror Tract is a fun little footnote in the career of a guy whose whole career might be so classified.

Kitty Kitty B (kr) wrote: Much like Wendigo, this is another arty supernatural thriller from indie filmmaker Larry Fessenden. Unlike that later film about a family's rural vacation nightmares, "Habit" is erotically charged and set in the city. The film was originally shot on a shoestring budget of just $60K which proves that if you have talent and commitment, budget constraints are only limiting once you get to the frustrating land of distribution. The great shots of New York, the Gothic erotica and the blurring of the line between reality and our tendencies to deny our realities are the things I liked best. As I watched "Habit", I was reminded of a bunch of other films I love including Paul Schrader's "Cat People", Jane Campionn's "In The Cut", Abel Ferrara's "The Bad Lieutenant" and a bizarre movie from the 80's starring Nicolas Cage and Jennifer Beals called "Vampire's Kiss." I am adding as many of Larry Fessenden's films as I can find to my Netflix queue after I type this. I think he might be becoming one of my favorite filmmakers.

rafael j (it) wrote: Muy entretenido y muy original, recomiendo su visualizacin. Tiene horror, ciencia-ficcin, humor negro, accin y cyberpunk. Todo esto + Brad Dourif (Dante) = 100%.

Adam R (nl) wrote: Even as a kid I was never completely fascinated with FernGully, but it is a decent animated film. Its heart is definitely in the right place. Unfortunately it feels too much like a chore to watch it. (First viewing - Childhood)

Benny G (us) wrote: meh, not getting the seal.

Jessica G (es) wrote: This 9 hr and 30 min documentary focusing on the persecution, torture, and injustices committed against the Jews during WWII might be the most groundbreaking and timeless documentary ever created, for any subject. There isn't many words that can adequately explain the depth of this movie. It features interviews with Holocaust survivors, war personnel and historians, family members of those persecuted, and even former Nazis filmed with a hidden camera, all in a variety of languages and locations. Filmed in 1985, the persons portrayed in this movie are still young enough to have the war still fresh in their minds, and this definitely shows in several scenes where seemingly tough and emotionless victims break down in tears as they recount their stories to the director who is off screen. The documentary touched me deeply and I definitely feel changed after having experienced it. I recommend it for everyone, although obviously not in one sitting. And definitely with a frame of mind ready to absorb difficult emotions.

Luke T (ag) wrote: This is one of James Cagney's overlooked films, one that most seem to have forgotten about, but his performance is very good, and his career was beginning to peak at this stage.In this Second World War drama, directed by Henry Hathaway, Cagney plays a tough OSS agent, who oversees a special mission to determine the location of the factory where the Nazis are manufacturing their flying bombs.Cagney is solidly supported by Annabella and Richard Conte, and the movie is also good by the fact that it is told in a documentary style, meaning something is bound to be learnt when the credits have finished.Overall, this is one of the forgotten gems by Cagney and director Hathaway, and is a good war movie to view.

Greg W (au) wrote: love this high drama that only douglas sirk can do.

Aael G (ru) wrote: Like the film a lot but there is a problem w why does it even have a rated R rating just for scares

juan l (nl) wrote: que delicia es carr otis ;)

Felix P (ru) wrote: The dark secret behind a West London hotel... At the same time illustrating the life of illegal immigrants in the UK.