Mob Town

Mob Town

Wayward youths (The Dead End Kids, Little Tough Guys) get out of trouble thanks to a policeman (Dick Foran).

A young street kid idolizes his brother, a gangster who was sent to death row for murder. Frank, a local cop, tries to ensure that the boy and his gang don't wind up the same way as his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ankur S (kr) wrote: It's definitely an out of the league movie ... a weird wild bolly love story ... nice acting by the cast ...

John S (kr) wrote: A fitting tribute and expertly constructed piece, based around day long interview with Derek Jarman, thanks Isaac and Tilda.

Carlos M (ag) wrote: A very effective Hitchcockian thriller that starts off as a modest drama, taking a good time to develop its characters in a careful way, and then starts unexpectedly to become suffocatingly tense as the characters find themselves trapped more and more in an unbearable situation.

Sharon W (ru) wrote: What ever they tried to build up fell apart before the end.

Tim M (br) wrote: Interesting flick, filmed as a surreal play. Bizarre, captivating, beautiful.

Vipin G (de) wrote: very interesting.good acting

Private U (br) wrote: Too niosy, disjonted with a poor storyline

Zeeshan K (mx) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Will L (ag) wrote: 'Batman: Mask of the Phantasm' brings the same approach to the Caped Crusader as the animated series; this time, to the big screen, complete with the same incredibly talented voice cast. It is a stylized action spectacle and a web of intrigue and mystery all rolled into one film, and it does the Dark Knight (dare I say?) justice.

Grayson D (ca) wrote: Far from Nichols best but this is an always enjoyable comic war film.

Tori H (es) wrote: Terrible writing, so many holes in the story. Could have had a creative plot twist but it was just terribly executed.

Arafael A (es) wrote: "If you're frightened of dying, and you're hanging on, you'll see demons tearing your life apart."What a trip.

Jeff G (mx) wrote: This movie is one I remember watching a lot as a kid. A teen movie about a couple of kids from Brooklyn who try to open up a rock N?? Roll hotel in a small town. The type of film that was popular to be made in the 80??s usually playing on cable ikept renting this form the library. This film is just what you would expect the small town doesn??t accept them there is a clash of cultures the evil greedy small town government that is working against them which I??m guessing is supposed to represent the man, the evil empire that the young kids are rebelling against to try and make it and still keep there integrity. Even if in the end they have to use there old Brooklyn street smarts and ingenuity to succeed. Though everything is solved in a Scooby doo type way. Also I don??t know if a hotel exclusive for teenagers would fly where would they get the money plus if under 18 wouldn??t you need parents permission I could see it more as a youth hotel. Everyone gets to live out there dream. There is still even the popular music montage that is supposed to represent that a certain amount of time has gone by. In this world there is a multicultural mix of kids working together which means Italian, Jewish and one black guy. The film is note worthy for two reasons it??s one of the first starring roles of Marisa tomei. Who is cute and perky here showing a fraction of the talent she would show in future roles. The second is that this film was directed by Harvey and bob Weinstein yes the same Weinstein brothers who ran both Miramax films and dimension films. And who now run the Weinstein brothers film company. Which is funny considering that now they release oscar winning films. All in all this film isn??t horrible it??s pretty entertaining it??s not aged well but it follows sort of the same path of the show northern exposure a fish out of water scenario. Just like that show this film probably would have played better as a pilot for a tv show where you could follow there adventures running this hotel and the many different characters clashing with the townfolk or make it like fantasy island and have the characters mix with guest stars who come to stay at the hotel. In the end it??s a cute film worth renting but only if your really into 80??s films

Paul D (ru) wrote: Not the worst premise for a comedy-drama, but everything about the screenplay just seems ridiculous with very exaggerated characters everywhere.

Phill S (ca) wrote: Love this movie. The sheer number of brilliant moments - not the least of which is Val Kilmer's peerless performance, make this one of the richest, most satisfying "westerns" I have ever seen...

Kristina K (ca) wrote: Sandra Bullock's voice is perfect for the role of a super villain. Just for an hour and 30min you'll get to have fun.