Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Jion no zankou

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Jion no zankou

After the One Year War, peace was signed between Zeon and the Earth Federation. Three years later, however, some remaining forces of Zeon who never gave up steal the new Federation mobile ...

After the One Year War, peace was signed between Zeon and the Earth Federation. Three years later, however, some remaining forces of Zeon who never gave up steal the new Federation mobile ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael D (br) wrote: I loved the snowboarding scenery especially the Japanese mountain scenes. I kept wondering how did this group of guys get the money to do all this? I don't think the overall goal of tracking the flow of water across the globe was a success, but it made me want to go skiing and visit Japan. It would probably be fun to hang with this group of guys as well.

Cade H (ru) wrote: Step Up: All In is good for one thing, and one thing only, the dancing. The acting is sub-par, the storyline is basic and the love/relationship aspect featured in it, is laughable. The only reason to watch this movie is for some sick dance routines and cool music. There are a few laughs here and there but you can tell they tried to make things funny that really were not. It gets extremely corny at times, like for example, a fight is going to break out in a bar but instead they have a dance battle! It is tough to put all of that to the side but when the dance competitions happen, especially the final one, it gets pretty awesome. If you like dancing you should watch this movie but there is no other reason to see it.

Joseph L (it) wrote: Odd movie. Had issues figuring out what was true portrayal & what was satire. Made one good point though how much do we about Canada

Rhady N (it) wrote: I used to be so indifferent to Sion Sono, but after "Love Exposure" I reconsidered this long postponed recommendation. Glad I did: this is a visual feast, a Lynchian mystery with merciless consequences.

Ollie W (gb) wrote: Terrible... but also... terribly fun!

Kristen W (fr) wrote: Nothing seriously wrong with it, but it didn't leave as strong an impression as a lot of other German films I've seen.

Joshua H (jp) wrote: Of all the Highlander movies, this was the most painful. I wish I could un-see it.

Vasshawn S (kr) wrote: When dialogue was great

Ben C (ru) wrote: Not perfect, but I was definitely surprised that this isn't more well known than it is (which is easily explainable by Ford in Star Wars). Overall, I was 'pleasantly' surprised by how much I loved it. I planned on buying this and Catch 22 together, but Catch 22 was gone; however, I found this slightly similar in some of the characters' ideologies, and the development of the story was very well done. Also of note, I really liked the photography, the way some of those scenes were done was really remarkable! If you like Harrison Ford, you'll like Hanover Street.

Alec L (it) wrote: A stark and devastating exploration of the corruption of civilization and the deferral of the ultimate human dream for justice, Paths of Glory is one of cinema's great moral debates. With the execution of three innocent men for cowardice, one representing fate and chance, another hatred, and the third social judgment, Kirk Douglass' Colonel Dax is exposed to the cruel realities of the dehuminization of corruption, bureaucracy, and ambition.

Michael M (jp) wrote: Classic K. Costner under-dog, maverick, sports-themed story. Would never happen in the real NFL but is entertaining

Bill B (de) wrote: This film holds up remarkably well on the re-watch from the To-Watch Pile, so that's always a nice turn of events, especially now that we have Ritchie getting his groove back after after his divorce from Madonna.I have to admit to some trepidation when I went into this one, but I was quite impressed with the levels of plotting, stylistic storytelling and performances on display; Guy Ritchie has truly redeemed himself after losing his way with stuff like Swept Away and Revolver during his married years.Highly recommended.

Ilja S (fr) wrote: The story may be a little underdeveloped, and the special effects are downright awful, but this is the first movie since the Wrath of Khan which really makes you want to explore the whole story. Many people where disappointed by the lack of backstory, but thos same people defend the Voyage Home. Personally, I really enjoyed the Final Frontier, dispite a slow start and the mentioned flaws. One thing this movie does rights is giving you memerable moments (even though the humor does not work at all).