The story of a group of friends in turn of the century New York, from their early days as street hoods to their rise in the world of organized crime...

The movie focuses 4 street-wise males, who try to achieve what they want at any cost. They trust no one but each other which is vital to their success as mobsters. But their crime empire comes with serious problems. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mobsters torrent reviews

Luciano G (fr) wrote: Plot is interesting, scenery creates nice climate and setting. SF part is not overwhelming but that is good in this case..... main role is well played and overall cast is spot on...good show..

Mohammed A (de) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Ricardo H (us) wrote: I don't have anything good to say about this movie

Kyle M (us) wrote: More enjoyable than the first because of its theme about friends and families while being more humorous as well. (A)(Full review coming soon)

Jessica E (br) wrote: Jtte coolt tidstypiskt dokument frn Antwerpen, av deras egna stjrna Tom Barman, frn rockgruppen Deus. Vlknda miljer och mnniskor frn staden jag s lnge har bott i..


Martha G (mx) wrote: This was the first Bollywood movie I saw, I was not let down! so good that I bought the movie at amazon... xD

Darren H (gb) wrote: I remember seeing this film is theaters back in 1994. I was totally blown away how good a film it was. The movie can best be described as an urban Goodfellas. The story line is almost set up to parallel it. The story opens up much like Goodfellas with a crime taking place. The main character "Cain" played by Tyrin Turner narrates the story much like Ray Loita does in Goodfellas. Cain isn't a very good person, but he isn't completely bad. But he is likeable and we watch him as he guides us through his life of crime. Does Cain want to change, maybe ... but when he does decide what he want to to, will it be to late ... Also I must say Larenz Tate just about steals the show as Cain's friend and partner in crime "O-Dog". He is completely nuts, much like Joe Pesci's Charater in Goodfellas. There is one particular scene in the movie where "O-Dog" is dealing with a crack-head that I food funny, and disturbing at the same time. Samuel Jackson also has a short role in this film playing Cain's father. The Afro he is sporting is totally gangster. Man that guy is cool. All-in-All Mence II Society is a very good Gangster film, that doesn't try to be anything more than entertaining ... and if you learn something from it, I guess it would be crime doesn't pay.

Austin G (fr) wrote: The second half catches fire in a way that doesn't feel like the first half, but Denzel does his thing and it still satisfies.

Masorad (kr) wrote: This film fittingly rewards the shelving of one's passion with Doris Day. Wet-behind-the-spitvalves Douglas gee-whizzes his way through half the picture until dilettante rich bitch Bacall weans him off milk, marries him, and injects his life with more jazz than he's ever felt. Still, the horny young man continues to play standards in lily-white venues while holding onto a dream of hitting that "high" on his own terms, in his own mtier, irrespective of the whitebread universe of the script. The film is a long and dated melodramatic fizzle, although Carmichael's comments about the value of professional musicians for the public still ring true.

Jim A (ca) wrote: In the hands of a better filmmaker Sandra Bullock's character in this movie could have been a fantastic character study of needy and mentally unstable women. But in the hands of the hacks who made this movie it is just a creepy and it lacks self awareness of the main protagonists sad behavior. Imagine if the genders on Mary and Steve were reversed then stalking wouldn't be portrayed as funny and charming. Though I give this movie a little credit for not having the characters get together in the end but that's not much

Brandon S (au) wrote: A relatively good movie, albeit forgettable, that is ultimately undone by it's heavy-handedness.