Model Behavior

Model Behavior

This is a Disney Channel movie about two teenage girls, one an ordinary high school girl and the other a top teen model, who meet and switch places.

Alex Burrows is a shy, bookish teenager who has a crush on Eric, a football player and one of the most popular boys in her class, but she lacks the confidence to talk to him. One day, she meets Janine Adams, a famous teenage model looking just alike Alex. They decide to switch places to see how the other lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Model Behavior torrent reviews

William F (de) wrote: Aardman at it's least best.

Nick F (ca) wrote: It was fine.... A glimmer of brilliance here and there overshadowed by some raised-eyebrows of "wth? is that really necessary to make the point?"

Tristan G (jp) wrote: This film was simply awful.

Muhammad T (br) wrote: ?

Delphine D (nl) wrote: Yes, this movie is historically inaccurate. Fact. But as a story in its own right, a story the writers created to talk about cultural oppression, historical editing, and the female perspective, it is really quite beautiful.

Paul G (fr) wrote: cool flick with a great sense of dark humor.

Jesper J (es) wrote: Quite different war-movie. More like an adventure set in war times. Quite original characters as well.

Scott R (au) wrote: A slow paced three cast member drama that raises themes of class, power and relationships.

Sylvester E (it) wrote: A true Hollywood classic worth watching again and again....!!!!!

Heather H (gb) wrote: I enjoyed the atmosphere but it was pretty cheesy overall. Peter Lorre is one creepy looking dude IMO.

Nilda V (kr) wrote: Excellent performance by Adrie Brody brings to light the crumbling values of society and how it permeates children, families and the educational system. It fails though to give the audience any type of hope for a brighter future.

Ed T (br) wrote: Just watched it for the 3rd time. Gripping story, great characters, fine acting.