Modern Love

Modern Love

Marianne gets off to a bad start with gallery director and Brad Pitt look alike Vincent but everything works out "just like in the movies" in the end.

Marianne gets off to a bad start with gallery director and Brad Pitt look alike Vincent but everything works out "just like in the movies" in the end. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Knox M (gb) wrote: LIFE ITSELF is a beautiful, emotional, and poignant documentary about the greatest film critic to ever walk the Earth, Roger Ebert.

Shelbie T (ag) wrote: "Vampires Suck", like many parodies of the 2000's and the 2010's, is all-over-the-place and in your face. The screenwriting goes off on such a horrible tangent that the story feels like it isn't going anywhere. The characters are more boring than the ones on which they were based. It's a shame that top-notch parodies like "Blazing Saddles" and "Airplane!" had to be the ones to procreate several generations of goshawful comedies.

Mikey O (de) wrote: I adored this movie with it's unusually sweet, charming and creative plot. Extremely creative, it has a lot going for it. The cast is sublime, in particular a cameo by Meryl Streep & Cher (who steals the entire movie) who plays herself. Kudos must be given to Cher. They more than poke fun at her and she plays along with finesse. She has never looked better and definitely has some of the film's best scenes. Matt Damon & Greg Kinnear are perfect as the twins and play off each other surprisingly well. If you're expecting a "typical" Farrelly brothers' movie, look elsewhere. This is their departure from toilet humor and crassness. HIGHLY recommended!

Kieron G (us) wrote: what an absolute vintage piece of crap. total religious nonsense. Only the U S of fucking A could come up with this shittastic waste of intelligent time. how can you be scared by religious based threat(you may as well be scared by the tooth fairy)? go and witness this and laugh in their faces as i did. Oh.... and i asked for my money back but apparently that was impossible as they had used it to atone for my sins. well done everyone involved,

Conan Michael L (jp) wrote: Bleh, good thing it was free.

Brett B (us) wrote: I give the filmmakers credit for going as far over-the-top with the concept as they do, but by no objective measure is this a good film. If, however, you're in the right mindset (and have had, perhaps, a drink or two), you might get something out of it.

Heather A (us) wrote: Best christmas movie! Wish they would start playing it on tv again!

Josh F (au) wrote: Some funny moments, and a classic film for sure. Doesn't hold up that great I didn't think. Ringwald was awesome, as was Hall.

kim w (jp) wrote: CASSANDRA CROSSING - if it hadn't been for TMC and SATURDAY morning action flicks I would never had seen it. Now mind you, it's not a great film and is certainly a rip off its predecessors: POSEIDEN ADVENTURE and AIRPORT '75 but the cast is superb with RICHARD HARRIS and SOPHIE LOREN [who is still gorgeous in NINE]. It has its intense moments and was worth watching.

Nathaniel M (jp) wrote: Isabelle Adjani's beauty and madness is all that elevates this from being a mediocre costume drama. The story is not that interesting.