The film follows two teenagers from Toronto, Canada (Lena and Leco) who travel to Slovakia. The film shows the interactions between the two and the locals including Lena's relatives.

The story of two teenagers who discover themselves - and one another - on a week long summer trip to Slovakia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angie R (br) wrote: i don't want to see it

Ben H (gb) wrote: Admirable and well-intentioned, but plays more like an amateurish BBC Three documentary.

Tyler E (ru) wrote: Elizabeth Olsen is fantastic in this creepy character-driven drama that depicts both life during and after becoming part of a cult. [A]

Shane S (mx) wrote: Why did I watch this?Why did I think that this was a good idea to watch this?Sure, there are some funny jokes (the celebrity cameos - got a kick out of Tom Sizemore's cameo - and when Shaggy 2 Dope discovers the old sheriff sleeping), but most of the jokes wear out so fast. I get what they were trying to do - a parody of B-Westerns and their own ridiculous image - but Bruce isn't necessarily a good guy to trust with the concept of something that could be a metafilm like Big Money Rustlas. This had potential if it weren't wasted on stupid humor.and yes i know this is just a western remake of Big Money Hustlas but that's not the pointthe point is that this film is spotty and not really that goodhold on, I'm watching that John Oliver stand-up special I got from the library

Mike C (ru) wrote: I like slow movies and this is as slow as it gets. Throw in a nice lead character and you could have some movie magic. But the tagline for this movie is ridiculous: two strangers come together and both of their lives are changed forever? Puh-leese. Unless by forever you mean like five days until he jumps to his death.The topic is nicely established in the first scene. I like this way of building suspense. From the start, Solo is a pretty solid character...both in the character of the character and the way he is portrayed. William...not so much. Red West is sometimes convincing, sometimes not. Furthermore, if you put a guy in his situation, I'm not sure he's as open to some of Solo's antics as the character in the movie.All in all, a pretty nice flick. There are many aspects to like. The characters are mostly good. You really do begin to like both of them. And they didn't pull any punches at the end. That was refreshing. That's mostly what I liked about it: two strangers did indeed cross paths. Probably one life was changed. The other it was too late to change, but at least he had someone looking out for him. There's a soothing quality to both that idea and the pace of the movie.

Eric N (us) wrote: Really cool thing to do . . not necessarily worthwhile though. Supersize Me was much better.

Rai A (ru) wrote: good old British humor and Steve Coogan antics. very funny

Samantha M (ru) wrote: It's a good movie, really hard to find. It's only in Japanese.

Aimee W (ag) wrote: Great story with great performances all-around. It's fun to see Bellucci playing something other than a "vamp."

Victor B (it) wrote: Kurt Russell battling gunmen and cowboys, ftw.

Ryan G (gb) wrote: You can call it boring, you can call it messy, but if you have a pulse, you really can't help but be moved by it.

830615521 (it) wrote: Will always be on my top 5 ???

Ian W (ca) wrote: A strange rarity that this is just as good as the original. With two more films I can't see this level of high standards remaining forever though.

Scott J (fr) wrote: It's like Walk the Line without the happy ending.