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A couple truly in love get married. On the day of marriage just after the ritual due to a stupid reason an argument sparks, egoes crash which turns into violence. The couple separates. How they finally unite is rest of the movie.

Mogudu is a movies torrent of Sheik Dawood G. (story and screenplay). This movie was introduced in 2011. There are many actors in this movie torrents, for example Tottempudi Gopichand, Tapsee Pannu, Rajendraprasad, Shradha Das, Naresh, Roja, Harshavardhan. The kind of movie are Drama. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 3.6 in We have a good movie to watch. The runtime of this movie are awesome, about 0 minutes. Chich1Phat is good uploader, she is very proactive. You should spend more time to watch this movie. If we must use one word to describe about this movies torrent, I think it should be 'Crazy', so what is your opinion. Do you know what are customers? ShinichiKuto is the best. I don't leave my laptop screen. Please support us via sharing this movies to your friends . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

he film released on 4 November 2011. The film is all about how a man truly becomes mogudu (husband) when he understands his wife and wins her love. Mogudu is a 2011 Telugu film directed by Krishna Vamsi starring Gopichand, Taapsee Pannu, Shraddha Das in the lead roles with Gadde Rajendra Prasad, Roja and Naresh in supporting roles

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Users reviews

bill s (mx)

Well,at the least there is truth in advertisement

Carl S (de)

10 out of 10 stars. I think its a super funny film(especially since Adam Sandler is in it). Love this film. This is definitely my favorite Adam Sandler flick

Chris C (de)

What's Your Number is your average predictable romantic comedy, but with Anna Faris' comedic and usually ditzy performances, it is definitely worth a look

Cole M (mx)

Yes, this is entertaining as hell. Yes, the film uses about half of the footage from the first film. Yes, the acting is terrible. Yes, this is a dumb flick

Connor D (ag)

/10. Painful to watch at time, but really worth it. It does what it is setting out to do perfectly, but I can't see myself giving this film another view

Cory T (br)

Even the presence of Katherine Heigl can't derail this spirited successor. The film concludes on a tawdry jab at sequel-bait with the birth of Chucky's spawn. The rules around the soul transference with the voodoo amulet are now jettisoned mostly but, within the genre-bending confines of Don Mancini's lampooning script, it is appropriate to violate canon. It should be noted that the expressive animatronics have dramatically ameliorated since the 1988 original and the movements look effortlessly fluid. Squabbling over Martha Stewart recipes and monogamy, the domestication-via-relationship satire is an absolutely hilarious contrast and it is overt that improvisation was used for the scenes between the Tiffany and Chuck puppets. The nasally vocal work from Jennifer Tilly compliments the acid-tongued grouchiness of Brad Dourif. "), 'Bride of Chucky' is exactly the cocktail that the Lilliputian murderer necessitated. Injecting the series with the contemporary elements of copious Fangoria gore (the Pinhead moment is stupendous), a headbanger Rob Zombie-contributed soundtrack, an exuberant Hong Kong director (Ronny Yu) and a spangly sense of humor (Chucky summarizes that "If this were a movie, it would take two or three sequels to do it justice. After the well had seemingly run dry after 'Child's Play 3', 'Bride of Chucky' is a meta-horror reinvention of the killer doll franchise

Felipe F (gb)

Howard's End suffers from excessive lenght and a messy direction, but it rises on the strengh of its top notch cast, - led by a mesmerizing performance from Emma Thompson - a witty script and extremely stylish settings

Gio G (fr)

Looking forward to see the full-length feature. Simply love it

Joy E (mx)

great story, amazing ending. . . what if the only thing that makes your life standable is to see somebody else being as miserable as you?. . . Enjoyable, disturbing, smart film

Li K (jp)

Save that shit for when I'm back in Colorado and don't have to see it. waking up to old people cuddling in my living room while watching it ensured I won't be reattempting the second half, cause now I feel like it's tainted with my stepfather putting the moves on my mom and feels like old people porn. There was very pretty scenery if you can ignore the dialog and other signs of actors. But the first half was cranky old guy being cranky in ways that weren't amusing or endearing, just cranky. maybe it got better after that. Fell asleep halfway through