Mohabbat Ki Arzoo

Mohabbat Ki Arzoo

Orphaned Motor Mechanic Raja (Rishi Kapoor) likes to live it up on pay-day, which is the first of every month, and behaves like a very rich man, in a borrowed garage car. One such day he gives a lift to Poonam Singh (Zeba Bakhtiar) who is stranded on a wet rainy night. He introduces himself as a wealthy man, and she introduces herself as a poor school-teahcer, not knowing that both are deceiving each other. Both meet on several occasions, and fall in love. Raja tells her that he is a motor mechanic, and she tells him that she is the city's richest man's, Rai Bahadur Mahendra Pratap Singh's (Mukesh Khanna) daughter. Rai Bahadur is enraged at the very thought of his daughter marrying a motor mechanic, and decides to marry his daughter off to his friend, Dr. Anand's (Kader Khan) only son, Amar. The pleas of his daughter and Raja fall on deaf ears, and no one can stop Rai Bahadur from doing what he has always wanted to do - on his own terms.

Orphaned Motor Mechanic Raja (Rishi Kapoor) likes to live it up on pay-day, which is the first of every month, and behaves like a very rich man, in a borrowed garage car. One such day he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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