Moi, Michel G., milliardaire, maître du monde

Moi, Michel G., milliardaire, maître du monde


As a successful businessman, an uninhibited symbol of modern capitalism, Michel Gani has everything: money, power, love. And he wants it known. As he prepares to make the "coup"of his career, he agrees to let cameras follow him by Joseph Klein, a sassy and committed journalist. This is supposed to become an ode to the genius of a great man. An astonishing and exhilarating journey into the corridors of business and life of the rich and powerful ensues. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Moi, Michel G., milliardaire, maître du monde torrent reviews

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Moi, Michel G., milliardaire, maître du monde torrent

Moi, Michel G., milliardaire, maître du monde full movieMoi, Michel G., milliardaire, maître du monde (2011) torrent