Mój biegun

Mój biegun

My Pole is a film about the youngest conqueror of both of Earth's Poles - Johnny Mela. The boy who witnessed his younger brother's death and a few years later had his arm amputated as a ...

My Pole s a film about the youngest conqueror of the Earth's both Poles - Johnny Mela. The boy who experienced his younger brother's death and a few years later had his arm amputated in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cee C (au) wrote: I can say that this movie is one of the most re-watchable movie I've seen.

Miranda Z (mx) wrote: Cute, and with an intriguing, albeit fanciful premise that is commonly brought up. The ending was ridiculously bittersweet, and on one hand, it's certainly more realistic (the irony!); it was also unexpected, because I had expected it to take the sweeter route of "screw it, a plastic watch can't dictate love" - an idea I originally had not favoured, considering the very premise went against it (although, hey, 2% failure rate), but as the movie went on, I found myself hoping for that outcome more and more. There's an unexpected disappointment, and whilst the end is suitably poignant, it feels just a little shoe-horned in.

Chandler P (ca) wrote: Good ideas, bad exec

Nollaig K (gb) wrote: terrible waste of time, not in a least bit funny/scary

Jim B (it) wrote: The only part worth watching is with the Celtic supporters.

Naomi N (fr) wrote: i cannot believe few have seen the doect inluence of shakespear, had it been acceptable she would have had a wet nurse to talk with. fant bloody tastic, had to stop 20 mins in to share my joy at finding another modernisation of his plays' usually when people know they critikebthe fuck out of them and destroy people having a go. i just have not listened well enough, or read too few of shakespears to know...or perhaps i insult and the style has been too long lost.

Mikey M (us) wrote: While it is gloomy and a tad melodramatic, this film does eventually settle into a wholly interesting story. The first act is painfully soppy but I found myself (like the two male leads) besotted by the beauty of Ilona (Erika Marozsan) and that dragged me through to the interesting conclusion.

Ihra L (jp) wrote: Jul. Jada. Sett den mange ganger.

John H (fr) wrote: A good idea gone wrong.While some of this film was funny and enjoyable, a sense of reality was just NOT there at all.Funny acting, good idea, just poorly done.