Moj tata na odredjeno vreme

Moj tata na odredjeno vreme

The new misadventures of a single mother Svetlana, her 12 year old son and (still) part-time worker Sinisa. Sinisa's plans to marry Svetlana are ruined when her ex-husband came back from ...

The new misadventures of a single mother Svetlana, her 12 year old son and (still) part-time worker Sinisa. Sinisa's plans to marry Svetlana are ruined when her ex-husband came back from ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Moj tata na odredjeno vreme torrent reviews

Dawn C (jp) wrote: Fairly clear a young white male had a strong hand in the movie, but a good idea and relatively well done.

Kevin G (gb) wrote: unable to choose no stars

Jennie R (nl) wrote: This was just bad. The story was muddled and confusing. The acting was non exisitent. The make-up done was ridiculous. For example, they show Roddy Piper from an earlier past life, he has the most fake sideburns. It really felt like I was watching a play that the local high school was doing. There were some good ghost parts in the beginning but as it went on, the ghost was making puns and it was just a plain joke.

Huw G (mx) wrote: For once a genuinely really good Australian movie, not just an over hyped one. Beautiful story telling.

Robert C (es) wrote: The viciously negative reviews of this film are way off the mark. All the comparisons to the James novel smack more of "literary snobbery" than of honest analysis. The director freely admits it's an "adaptation" of the original story, and that he won't be held captive by such comparisons. Take the movie on its own merits and you'll find it fascinating and thought provoking. As for the sneering references in these reviews to weaknesses in the script, the editing, the music and the acting--quite wrong, and probably designed to show off the authors' supposed prowess. The reviews fail; the movie succeeds. (And, as for the frequent semi-nudity, it really does serve the story!)

Lisa S (ca) wrote: not all australian movies aer good. this is one of the worst movies ive ever seen. i thought i'd try it. the plot isnt very good, but a movie doesnt have to have a good plot if it has good jokes. nobody laughed at this except for at the stupid jokes. dont bother wtaching this movie even to get the jokes.

George E (gb) wrote: Keaton is a funny comedic actor. He can play three different roles in one movies - all his copies in this had their own unique characteristics. I thought the mental one was unfunny though. I didn't want the film to have that ending though, I really didn't. Also, I wanted to know more about the undeveloped scientist/cloner guy. He only showed up once.

David L (au) wrote: Another film that reminds me of my childhood days when I was sneakily watching it when under the legal limit. It's a wonderful action film that builds upon the original, and reminds me of a hardcore bond episode. Littered with guns, drugs, and an arsenal of weaponry, we witness the police force attempt to take down a prolific narcotics baron - it's a teenage boys dream that allows him to stop playing with action men, and start watching some seriously crazed old school version of transformers. It's a typical good versus bad concept, and regardless of the fact that we know who will win, it's the journey that counts, and this is fuelled with entertainment. It's a serious case of the villains outshining the goodies and a real shame that the former have to lose, but c'est la vie. I really wish some films would learn a thing or two from the success of the Star Wars series, and allow a couple of the instalments to let the baddies win for a change. Predictability is not always a good thing, and it's always the dull heroes that survive through to the sequels. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing the villains get their cumuppence, but all in good time. It's one of those flicks that you can just turn on and be engulfed no matter what stage it's at. Can't see me ever getting bored of this as its part of my younger years and a memory that will always have a place in my heart.

Meirion H (ag) wrote: Some great songs, but a lacklustre sequel

Ronnie D (au) wrote: Awesome action revenge flick! Keanu is great. Watched twice? Last time 3/20/17