Mojave Moon

Mojave Moon

Al McCord is hanging out at his favourite restaurant when he meets an attractive young woman (Ellie) who is looking for a ride from the city out into the Mojave Desert, where her mother lives. Little does he know that while Ellie is falling in love with him, he is falling for her mother (Julie), despite the nearby presence of Julie's boyfriend who seems likely to go berzerk at any moment. Even more strange, hilarious events follow and it's up to Al to find some explanation. His life may never again be the same.

Al McCord is hanging out at his favourite restaurant when he meets an attractive young woman (Ellie) who is looking for a ride from the city out into the Mojave Desert, where her mother ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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brett l (ag) wrote: Unbelievable, best zombie flick since 28 Days Later!

Avishek C (au) wrote: Yeah good stuff, slightly touching story about do illegal stuff equals bad

DeAndra (au) wrote: This movie is hilariously funny. I love it.

Ernst M (ag) wrote: John Cusack does a decent job in this movie but somehow feels like it doesn't completely deliver.

Simon G (es) wrote: Ouais bon, drle mais un poil clich quand mme... et j'avais pas toute la tte au film boulot (et bire dirons les mauvaises langues) oblige.

Alexander C (it) wrote: Could be worth watching. Will find and devour with my eyes!

William M (kr) wrote: this movie had 3 strikes and souldnt have been out

Thomas A (ru) wrote: best b-movie ever, its really that good, watch it NOW!

Diana W (ag) wrote: Under-rated! Barbara & Dreyfus are stellar in this! Not for the weak of heart, no Funny Girl or Tin Man here! Seriously serious folks!

Elena (au) wrote: The colours are delicate, fleeting, ehtereal, evocative of another world.

Chrisanne S (mx) wrote: Phooey! Oh for more of Burgess Meredith- Keeks!

Kenneth B (gb) wrote: Ketherine Heigl seems to epitomise the middle of the road, bog standard rom-com more than any other actress that I can think of. 27 Dresses is as dull as it sounds.

Blade R (us) wrote: I found out one very interesting fact about this film users review is "CONSISTENCY" ... all the negative critics users written are very very similar like: - film too long (3.50h)- film too boring- film has poor storyThe users which gave negative critics also pointed out some positive thing found in the film similar like:- film has great photography (desert scenes/animal scenes camels, horses...)- film has some great acting performances (but boring story and very long scenes spoiled my interest)MY CONCLUSION:Like the most of the negative user critics I had very similar experience. I was actually very disappointed because I've read so many good critics from users before I watched this film all saying it is EPIC film but as I watched it -> partially/fully overrated... It deserves only three stars and no more. I should next time read also the negative critics before reading positive to see the different. But likely the critics which are many places consistent and repetitive are likely "genuine critics" or real personal experience. I'm not sure if all this positive critics found on board are "truly genuine critics" because film-making is big money today much bigger then before we are talking of billions of $$$ what to think... I learn every time something new... one has to seems read also the negative comments/ratings and if there is consistency there is great chance of genuine viewers experience it means I may also not like this film.... chances are 50-70%.... good day!

Linda A (ag) wrote: Another really funny film. Not as funny as Dracula Dead And Loving It but still just as good. I do love it, hilarious!

Marko Z (it) wrote: Ok, the plot is complicated, but when you put all the pieces together it's as satisfying it can get!

Harry C (ca) wrote: Perhaps the most complex Star Wars movie since 'Empire Strikes Back', 'Revenge of the Sith' triumphantly strikes a very delicate balance, since despite being a sequel to two empty movies with no relevant content, it manages at showing Lucas effort in telling the story we've all been waiting to see on the big screen since episode 1, turning this 'Revenge of the Sith' into a big spectacle full of mesmerizing moments and epic battles.

Daniel M (ca) wrote: It was an enjoyable movie with a unique story. Not many laugh out loud moments, but it was a good movie to pass the time. 3.5/5