Moksha: Salvation

Moksha: Salvation

Appalled at the manner lawyers treat less affluent people, Vikram Saigal decides to do something for the poor, who have a legal cause of action, but are unable to afford a lawyer. He ...

Appalled at the manner lawyers treat less affluent people, Vikram Saigal decides to do something for the poor, who have a legal cause of action, but are unable to afford a lawyer. He ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Moksha: Salvation torrent reviews

Jamine R (mx) wrote: Wow I can't even see it so I put boring

Catherine R (ru) wrote: Throwback to the books of yesteryear.

Anthony N (ag) wrote: This is an interesting movie to say the least. Had it not been handled this well it would have been a mess of a film the young actress who plays Ruby(Tatana Maslany)is really good in a role that alot of young actresses would die for

Jeff B (br) wrote: Good Oscar nominated documentary about a man that was molested by a priest and now, after all the years of having to live with the nightmares, finally confronts his past. I liked the way it had footage of the priest being questioned throughout the film, but as the film progressed that idea was used less and sort of disappeared. It was tough to watch because the man was so affected by the situation. But for some reason, I felt there was stuff missing, like it wasn't really complete. I don't really know how to describe it. But I'm really interested in seeing Deliver us From Evil now.

Michael K (it) wrote: It's very well acted and most dialogues are really good. If I just rated movies for being good, this one would be a four, maybe four and a half. But since I also rate a movie based on how much it pleased me, and I didn't really like the fact that it basically only took place inside a house, I'll give it a 3.5

Cooper C (br) wrote: Not very interesting...

George P (it) wrote: Firstly, you have to suspend a lot of disbelief when viewing Virtual Sexuality; the premise of a young woman (Laura Fraser) actually being a 17-year-old virgin (she would have been around 23 at the time of film production, and regardless, way too fit to play a virgin) who feels pressure to pick the right "hot totty." Secondly, you have to be prepared to experience something not often seen on film, male frontal nudity. Thirdly, there is a weird band throughout the film, ala There's Something About Mary. If you can get past those disclaimers, you will enjoy an R rated chick flick, starring the incredibly hot totty, Laura Fraser (a Scotswoman who should be in more movies! you might have seen her in A Knight's Tale, as the blacksmith), and a nice mix of comedic characters.

Ana C (mx) wrote: Great movie! I cried.

Tony H (au) wrote: I fell in love with Vicki Anne. What a shame about her boyfriend and that chainsaw accident.

Sinan U (kr) wrote: This is an adaptation of the first volume of Proust's "In search of lost time" by V. Schlondorff (if you have not seen his "Legend of Rita" you should). It deals with Swann (which was a character based on Proust's friend Charles Haas who had a short relationship with the great actress Sarah Bernhard) falling in love with Odette. Schlondorff has good judgement in endowing Swann with certain characteristics of the narrator "Marcel" in Proust's novel. This gives him a chance to ignore the narrator completely in the movie, the inclusion of whom would have made a rather awkward movie. The casting is one of the best things about the movie, especially Ornella Muti as Odette, and Alain Delon as Baron de Charlus (his delivery of the question to M. Swann of when he will get married with Odette, after Swann's telling Charlus that he has fallen out of love with her, is one of the highlights of the movie). Although this movie cannot compare with Ruiz's Time Regained and Chantal Akerman's amazing "The Captive" (how the hell did she do that), it is a gift for all Proust lovers. I cannot emphasize the ending of the last sentence enough. It is not an alternative to reading the book. If you have not read the book then you will probably hate the movie as I have discovered by making the mistake of watching the movie with someone who was not initiated to the world of Proust and had to explain the importance and the biography of every other person that appeared on the screen.

Tio B (fr) wrote: Supposedly the first feature film about space travel. The Martian sequences are amazing, thanks to the Soviet Constructivist design by Aleksandra Ekster. The non-Martian bits (which are plenteous) are of interest mainly to people who aren't me.

Randy Y (ca) wrote: Awkwardly silly, but not zany enough to be as silly as the good Will Farrell movies. Kevin Hart was good, and Farrell okay, but the decent premise just didn't work that well. Some funny parts, choppy flow, but not as good as one would expect with these two talents.


Jerry F (gb) wrote: Not a good film at all. The complete movie takes place in a park. Slow moving and boring. If you manage to stay awake to the finish, it's also a very bad ending, left confusing and open ended. Very disappointing. Give this film a miss.