Molly Maxwell

Molly Maxwell

At Phoenix Progressive School, students take notes lying on parlor couches and are encouraged to explore their gifts through electives like break-dancing and graphic-novel writing. In the midst of all this liberal pedagogy and budding talent, Molly Maxwell feels unexceptional, until she embarks on a photography independent study under the tutelage of her attractive English teacher, Ben. Their relationship quickly evolves beyond the darkroom, introducing Molly to the throes of a first love, and putting Ben’s job in jeopardy.

A 16-year-old teen (Lola Tash) has an affair with her male teacher. But with each awkward, beautiful step towards an impossible romance, she risks alienating everyone she loves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (de) wrote: While Hollywood got wedding crashers, Nordic has got same or even worse occasions crashers.

Daniel L (us) wrote: A seriously chessy production...Feels like a failed replica of zombieland.

Deitriah R (it) wrote: Good movie but not as good as the book.

J M (nl) wrote: "The summary was told half way into the movie..."**The theme of this movie relatively simple; Harry & Beth book a 10 day trip to one of Australia's 600 or more uninhabited islands along their great barrier reef. The island holds an evil spirit that will haunt them. The spirit is a tribal woman that died on the island hundreds of years prior. Best thing for Harry & Beth: get off the island, as fast, as they can, but the evil spirit, will not let, that happen. She has an anger of men that she plans on taking out on any man that comes to the island. The payoff of the climax was expected once the summary was told half way into the movie & it was not that surprising; for the last 35 minutes of this movie I was getting bored; ready for the movie to end. ~A B-class movie that I give a D + (Deficient)

Sean D (ca) wrote: Well the first two movies were worth watching

Brian P (jp) wrote: never really thought of Ed gein to be really Big and Jason like LOL!! but.. it was an Okay movie... acting from most of the cast was really bad... skip this movie...

Kieran T (ca) wrote: wow, that was hurrendous. this was nominated in 12 of the 13 categories for the Thai oscars???? must have been some corruption involved there.

Kim G (ca) wrote: Not very good. Boring, acting not great. Had a low budget feel about it. Mediocre story line. Sorry I can't give it a better wrap, I just didn't like it.

Jiana W (gb) wrote: Meh, it was alright. Not as interesting as I thought it would be. But neither really was Kerouac's book after a couple chapters. I didn't finish reading it but I'll probably give it another shot someday. The acting in here is pretty good. Though the standout for me is really Kristen Stewart, who has been noticeably improving in this department since she's been taking more challenging roles.There is a duality to these guys' life, particularly Dean's. The adventures are wild and crazy, sometimes even enviable. But it is debatable if Dean is ever actually really happy. Sal seems to have more of a balance. He knows how to have fun (if drugs and one-night stands are your thing) but he also knows how to adjust to regular society and be a decent human being. But that is probably why he, and everyone else, is so drawn to a guy like Dean. Dean has no limits and cares for no one really but himself, when it comes down to it. He comes and goes when he wants to. It's a good character study because you just wonder how Dean has made it all this time without contracting something. But I honestly didn't really care for these characters too much. An okay road trip movie about a bunch of hedonistic 20-somethings.

Charles G (jp) wrote: Light-hearted but sufficiently deep to carry the story to its conclusion. Nuanced from Grant in a way that most of his other roles are not. Subtilely and outrightly funny in equal measure, with a good cast.

Hannah B (kr) wrote: I quite enjoyed this movie. This movie was very well done. Selma's character tries to kill herself at the time of a bank robbery then joins forces with the robber only for chemistry to form between them.

Manal S (nl) wrote: My heart broke into three hundred different pieces while my mind was watching in awe. This is exactly how I felt after I finished Dancer in the Dark (2000).I can most definitely assure you that the twisted mind of Mr. Lars von Trier has no boundaries when it comes to cinematic genius. Written and Directed by von Trier himself, the film creates a genre of its own playing with both musical and drama along the way. I remember once reading an article somewhere on von Trier and how he expressed his desire to experiment with all the cinematic genres that ever existed... and, oh boy, he is doing it, and he is doing it in his own way. Breaking the Waves (1996) is an unconventional romance that taps on theology. Antichrist (2009) is horror manifested in psychological gore. Melancholia (2011) is a very narcissistic end-of-the-world sci-fi. Nymphomaniac (2013) is porn! There is no wonder then when he tries his hand at musicals.What I am getting at is that watching a von Trier film is similar to eating pickles dipped in ice cream, the only difference is that von Trier's dish actually tastes sublime. He knows how to convince you that pickles are not that salty and ice cream is not that sweet. You realize the discrepancy and the cruel irony only after you have eaten and enjoyed the meal. Proof? Try watching Dancer in The Dark a second time and compare it to any mainstream musical. What you will find is the most basic musical instruments, the dancing that does not even sync with the music, the abrupt shifts, the crude editing, the self-referential camera angles, and exaggerated sentimentality. Funny thing is that despite everything, you still enjoy the story and empathize with the characters wholeheartedly. The canny Dane not only experiments with the genre, he actually destroys it.. mocks it, and in the process, he mocks us as well.Although the film cannot be called a Dogme film, it certainly owes a lot of its stylistic choices to the Dogme rules, which does not strike me as a surprise since the late 1990s was high time for Dogme productions. Personally speaking, there are a lot of things I admire about Dogme films, one of them is the almost always brilliant casting. The cast of Dancer in the Dark seems to be from everywhere around the globe... Icelandic, Danish, French, American, English, German... etc. However, they fit in together harmoniously and not a single actor seems out of place. Despite the hostile tension between her and von Trier during filming, Bjork's performance turns to be a real knockout. I don't know whether she was perfect for the role or vice versa, all I can imagine is von Trier thinking of Bjork and then tailor-writing the role for her. No one, I really mean NO ONE, could have played the helpless blind Selma Jezkova as Bjork did.You might have noticed that I did not give a synopsis of the story. With von Trier's I would rather not to. Just be prepared to watch a musical like no other.. a musical where crimes are committed, innocence is murdered and dreams are crushed.Enjoy it. Break your heart. Then laugh at yourself.

Spencer H (jp) wrote: Corpse Bride is to short to be romantic or anything, but the ending is kind of sweet. I was bored throughout the entire movie though and was very disappointed in Tim Burton, who happens to be one of my favorite directors.

Ty P (br) wrote: Good movie, very american ending though.

Nadir A (gb) wrote: a masterpiece, classic

MF J (br) wrote: For any film aficionados and self proclaimed fans of the late Chaplin immense and unique work, this film plays like a love letter and homage to the artist. The film is very well written and marvelously shot and acted. It has flaws of course, how can one resume such a life in 2.30 hours? But the film will ravish audiences by it's marvelous double tone that suits and embrace the work of chaplin as a comic and also a dramaturge. Let's not forget that most chaplin movies are highly critical of the social problems of his own era wonderfully dressed up in farces and jokes but always with a tender heart. Chaplin was a magnificent entertainer and someone who was fearless for his time. This film manages to capture his aura and will leave you with both tears and laughter in your heart. Definitely a film that says a lot and says it intelligently and wonderfully. Sir Attenborough you made something quite special here ... thanks for this beautiful piece of cinema.

Caleb M (ca) wrote: This light pic feels like it the perfect film that would play on TV indefinitely: it's not that great, but it's got some likable elements and popular performers treading through a pretty standard rom-com formula with enough charisma to make it feel more worthwhile than it really is. Basically, if you stumbled across this on basic cable, you could probably watch it starting at any moment and get the same satisfaction you would watching it beginning to end. Nothing here is worth noting, although Nicolas Cage displays some of the bat-shit insanity that would bring him acclaim in Bad Lieutenant: PoCNO and mockery in The Wicker Man. Also, I can't understand how Sarah Jessica Parker got so far in her career.