Mom, Can I Keep Her?

Mom, Can I Keep Her?

Timmy Blair has the usual twelve-year-old's share of problems: his father is too busy at work, his new stepmother loads him with chores, and school life is as difficult as ever. When a furry friend follows him home from school, Timmy is delighted. There's only one problem. His new-found buddy is a 500 pound gorilla

Timmy Blair has the usual twelve-year old's share of problems: his father is too busy at work, his new stepmother loads him with chores, and school life is as difficult as ever. When a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steven M (gb) wrote: Not bad for a cartoon

Daniel D (it) wrote: Kubooka firmly cementes himself as one of the greats with an over embellished but wonderfully constructed story that will wow nearly everyone.

Greg W (jp) wrote: not so much but at least the main character didn't break the 4th wall

Matthew S (mx) wrote: Unexpectedly serious study of a lost soul. If Michael Fassbender gave the best male performance of 2011 in Shame -- Charlize Theron gave us the finest turn by a female actor in this highly intelligent cinematic work. Paramount really failed the movie in the way it was promoted. I think many expect it to a be comedy. It isn't. This is a tragic story with a few realistic comedic turns. Sad societal commentary.

Tor M (br) wrote: Saw it during a small pre-party. Never gave it a lot of attention, but it was on from start to finish and I picked up most of it.Portman and Skarsgrd was the few highlights here. Not because of they're acting, but since they are cool people. Other known actors here as well. Swell.Overdone CGI, too much of it. The story is all over and a mess. Don't got much else to say really, never paid that much attention to it, but if it had been better I surely would.3 out of 10 CGI Tnsbergs.

Eric H (gb) wrote: This movie, about a man who sells his wife and daughter for titular claim and creates a town which his wife and daughter track him down at years later, while the prospect of a railroad occurs at the same time, went under my radar somehow, but I am glad I caught it on IFC. This is a great, quiet, character study of a western that works on wuite a few levels. First off, the performances are great, Jovavich especially surprised me, since this is one of the few realistic characters she's ever played. The music is strangely epic and it works well with the locations of the film and give it a real exploration and conquering feeling for the railroad surveying scenes. And the characters are all developed very well, which is the most important aspect. By the synopsis, you would think that Mullan's character would be heartles and evil, but he is very understated and you can't help but feel sympathy for him. This goes for nearly all of the principle characters. They sometimes do awful things, but you can't help but forgive them because it is all so anticlimactic. This may sound negative, but I thought it worked out in a great, original way.

Ranma s (gb) wrote: Hay por lo menos 2 grandes mentiras en ese titulo.Obra maestra de David Cronenberg para ver con mucha paciencia...Y de la mano Cronenberg todos la vuelvas vamos a dar.

adam b (fr) wrote: I used to adore this film as a child. Some moments were a bit frightening, but others were fun and magical. I probably wouldn't mind watching it again now.

Bryant H (kr) wrote: For with how old and 'campy', at least as campy as films back then were; this one was surprisingly dark, and pleasantly endearing at the same time. The two main characters were well acted and written, and while the rest of the story was bland and partially annoying, theirs was a joy to watch; especially with the unexpected and welcome ending.

Michael T (ca) wrote: Another Atom Egoyan film with a great concept that isn't very successfully executed.

Kenneth S (fr) wrote: I only watched this because of "Split" the connection somehow made a little bit more sense now and I'm hoping to see a sequel crossover between the Beast and David Dunn having a battle on screen! So excited!

Carolyn W (ag) wrote: Saw this on Svengoolie's show and was SO FRIGGIN MAD at the ending. Such a letdown. No B movie fun whatsoever. Just kind of -ssst!- fizzles out.