Mom, Dad and Her

Mom, Dad and Her

Sydney is a troubled teen heading for trouble. After being caught shoplifting and a case of alcohol poisoning, Sydney's desperate single mother sends her off to the country to live with her father, Ben, and his new pregnant wife, Emma. Sydney misses her boyfriend, her city life and doesn't get on with her dad or stepmom. Slowly she starts to settle in as she makes friends with Jess, a local girl whose mother died of cancer. Sydney makes a couple of mistakes but after her grandfather's death the extended family start to heal.

Sydney is a troubled teen heading for trouble. After being caught shoplifting and a case of alcohol poisoning... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (de) wrote: Nerdy. Looks sorta interesting in premise but actually not so much. It reminds me (which was way way much better) quite a bit.

Odin R (ca) wrote: Made me try to blow my house up. Thanks a lot Michael Bay.

Libby T (jp) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It's moving and bittersweet.

Nadja A (ca) wrote: Wirklich einer meiner franzsischen Lieblingsfilme! Tolle Cast und super Musik vor kulturellem Hintergrund! (Nach mehrmaligen Schauen verdient er doch 5 Sterne!) (Juli 2014)-----french comedy with great soundtrack and lovely stories in a cultural background (theatre play-classical concert-art auction). really enjoy watching this. (June, 2010 / 4.5 stars)

Ellen P (it) wrote: Ah, the heart break of a punk rocker. Actually this is a rather touching tale that ends in a poetic way that proves truth is stranger than fiction.

Charlese B (nl) wrote: The movie is a little confusing, would have to watch again to understand. A sad ending.

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