Mome Ki Gudiya

Mome Ki Gudiya

Film starring Ratan Chopra, Tanuja and Prem Nath

Ravi, the only son of wealthy widower Rai Bahadur Gangaram, falls in love with fellow-collegian, Sheel, but is shocked to find that she is to be his future step-mother. His father decides ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan D (ru) wrote: This movie is STUPID. That being said, that's exactly what Shane Dawson wanted this movie to be. I didn't know who Shane Dawson was before watching this movie. It is very dumb and raunchy, so NOT for everyone. I did laugh at a few scenes. I'm glad that I watched it, but don't expect to get a whole lot out of watching this movie.

Jeanette L (fr) wrote: Mandy Moore reminded me of what it's like to have had mistakes and still believe in falling in love

Peter Z (de) wrote: Is this a remake of the 1960 bleach bypass film?

Brian K (mx) wrote: classic bette davis performance and film

Scott W (fr) wrote: Kevin Sorbo as a priest! How could I not rent this? Sadly, it put me to sleep not once, but twice.

(ru) wrote: Lethal Weapon 2 only improves the chemistry between the two main charachters and raises the level of simultaneous action and comedy without pushing the limit and becoming another tiring action flick. This is one of the examples that a sequel can work, as long as its well built.

Todd c (au) wrote: Donald Pleasance is a mucho good documentary host.

Cassandra D (it) wrote: good way to finish the series. sad tho.

Greg L (nl) wrote: This movie has its moments of hilarity then its not really funny. I thought it was because I was getting tired.

Richard D (nl) wrote: Dustin Hoffman stars as ex-con Max Dembo in this adaptation of Eddie Bunker's pseudo-autobiographical novel "No Beast So Fierce". Max tries going straight for a little while, but a run-in with his parole officer (M. Emmet Walsh) gives him the excuse he's looking for to go back to a life of crime. Hoffman really isn't the obvious choice to play a tough guy, but this film was a passion project for him (he was originally going to direct it), and he loses himself completely in this role. It's a pretty fatalistic film ... I don't think anyone watching it could ever think things will turn out okay for Max ... and a quiet masterpiece with it's authentic, gritty atmosphere and phenomenal cast ...Theresa Russell, Gary Busey, Harry Dean Stanton and Kathy Bates.

Friedrich V (kr) wrote: piquant, perched over one eye, and has to be watched on windy days.