A trio of men with telekinetic powers led by Adrian Geiger rob an armored car. However the skeptical FBI agents Jordan Ripps and her partner Frank McIntyre do not believe in the testimony of the witnesses about there powerful skills. Meanwhile, the former FBI agent Raymond Addison is chasing Geiger....

A man with telekinetic abilities meets a group of people with similair powers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josas G (ca) wrote: No se confundan pues no es de terror sino de horror asi que no veran escenas de sustos pero en compensacion tendran una historia interesante de fantasmas que los mantendra al borde de su asiento para que al final salgan impactados.

Jacob J (ru) wrote: How much does this movie fail at being a movie? I'm not even gonna answer that. Let's put it this way. The trucks were the best actors in the movie.

Frances Ann A (gb) wrote: Sad, pathetic, and unintelligible. There is almost zero script. A waste of time.

Christopher H (ca) wrote: It may not be the main question: Who am I?

Rustin L (us) wrote: it's a very great movie!!

Cliff M (ca) wrote: Excellent movie, with fab music, and an engaging storyline in this semi-autobiographical film from the director himself.

Vincent T (ag) wrote: Avec Ebola dans l'actualite, c'est le moment parfait pour revoir ce film. Meme si ca peut paraitre exagere, on se rend compte que nous ne sommes pas grand chose. En tout cas, ca reste un bon film catastrophe qui n'a pas pris une ride.

SirChas m (nl) wrote: 98 minutes of non-movie as the only exciting thing about this drag is Cherry getting popped into the porn scene by Heather Graham, who has probably now played more pornstar roles in mainstream films than any actual pornstar.

Ben L (es) wrote: Tangled is a real mile marker for Disney animation. With this film they regained prominence and seemingly stole all the originality and quality Pixar once possessed. It's a movie that follows the classic Disney Princess formula, but slowly makes the Princess herself a strong individual instead of a total damsel in distress (although this movie only takes baby steps in that direction.) Rapunzel is a goofy character that reflects some of the strange quirks one might acquire being locked in a tower for well over a decade. She gets a lot of the laughs and Mandy Moore gives her a very sweet and innocent voice. I think Zachary Levi has a good voice for the wise-cracking Flynn Rider, a definite twist from the classic strong-voiced princes of the past. Perhaps the biggest vocal highlight is Donna Murphy as Mother Gothel, who brilliantly pulls off both sweet moments and also viciously overbearing moments (sometimes within only a few sentences of one another.) The songs are tons of fun, particularly in The Snuggly Duckling with all the kindhearted thugs. My biggest complaint is that Tangled doesn't divert enough from classic Disney tropes in order to stand on its own two feet. They still have the needless animal sidekicks (Maximus actually has a role in the plot but Pascal is utterly useless just for selling toys,) they still have the same predictable story beats, and in the end the Princess still needs her man to rescue her. There's nothing particularly wrong about these things, it just makes the movie feel a little derivative. However, for any fan of Disney animation or any parent of Disney fans, watching Tangled is a must.

Giovanni M (de) wrote: Where slapstick succeeds in most movies, it fails here in this cookie-cutter family comedy.