Mommy Is at the Hairdresser's

Mommy Is at the Hairdresser's

Summer 1966. It's time to enjoy the summer holiday, total freedom. Teenage Élise discovers that the sudden departure of her mother completely disrupts the family. Her brother Coco seeks solace in the garage, building a super racing car. Her youngest brother Benoît throws himself into his own inner world. The father seems absolutely knocked out by the situation. Élise decides to take control of her family, in an eloquent attempt to save them. With the assistance of flourishing nature around her, she stands on the threshold of an incomparable summer.

Summer 1966. It's time to enjoy the summer holiday, total freedom. Teenage Élise discovers that the sudden departure of her mother completely disrupts the family. Her brother Coco seeks ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elia H (it) wrote: One of the most touching documentaries I've seen

Kyle D (de) wrote: The Chuck Norris joke made the movie.

D M (ag) wrote: A b/w Bert I Gordon low-budget horror. I think the effects were laughable even in the year it was made. Plot is decent, but maybe not too original. Is he really being haunted, or is he crazy? Then the plot twist and ironic end.

Zachary B (fr) wrote: It's pretty terrible. Incredibly stupid. But it still has some funny moments.

Jason S (nl) wrote: its a pretty good movie on 9/11 but its also kindof boring

Bill C (au) wrote: Fun b-movie with Linnea Quigley and Michelle Bauer.

Liam C (fr) wrote: A powerful documentary that deservedly won an Oscar, it depicts the life and events of the legendary man, Harvey Milk. His actions have changed the lives of generations. It is insightful, emotion, respectful and enjoyable. The time he was in and what he was able to do... It's unheard of, or, was unheard of until one man had the courage and determination to make a difference. And, like all good men, they seem to be taken away from us, way before they should be, a hard hitting and emotion piece that strikes the audience with its sobering images. Again, telling the eventual outcome of what happened to Moscone and Milk ruins any shock value.

Kristi G (br) wrote: Witty, funny and charming.

Greg S (es) wrote: A studly Tom Jones-ish singer hooks up with a busty music mogul who promises to help his career. A trashy music biz melodrama that for some reason was marketed as a horror film. I missed the point.

Charles E (nl) wrote: now i remember this movie i actually enjoyed it a lot despite being a bit cheesy at times

Jakki J (ru) wrote: The plot may be thin in this all-black musical, but instead it focuses on big budget numbers featuring some of the hottest acts of the time. And what performances they give! Lena Horne, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson and Fats Waller are stunning, but the absolute highlight is the finale. It truly begins with Horne's emotional rendition of "Stormy Weather", but heats up when Cab Calloway takes the stage, along with the brilliant Nicholas Brothers. This number features some of the best foot work ever to grace the screen, and coming from a huge Gene Kelly fan like myself, that's saying a lot. The song, "Jumpin' Jive", will make you want to do just that!

Michael S (it) wrote: I must say, i'm not normally the biggest fan of sports films because they normally end up succumbing to genre cliches. Bull Durham has a couple of these cliches, but elevates itself quite a bit by offering up an insightful look at sports, romance, friendship and happiness. Costner, Robbins and Sarandon make for an irresistible cast. A damn fine film from all angles.

Rick A (gb) wrote: What makes "Tightrope" stand out a bit from other general cop movies is how well the film plays the moral ambiguity of Eastwood's character and with it raises an interesting question: What are the ethics of stopping a criminal when you yourself are guilty of similar crimes?