In the ruins of an amphitheatre just outside an unnamed Italian city lives Momo, a little girl of mysterious origin. She is remarkable in the neighbourhood because she has the extraordinary ability to listen — really listen. By simply being with people and listening to them, she can help them find answers to their problems, make up with each other, and think of fun games.

In the village of Momo the pace of time goes very slowly. Nobody is bothering about stress but everyone has time to chat and rest - until the day the grey men arrive. With a great selling ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Momo torrent reviews

shelly s (au) wrote: GREAT food for thought and for opening conversations with others to consider alternative points of view on the matter of Religion.

Scott A (ru) wrote: Roger is a dick, but then, no wait, yeah, he stays a dick the whole time.

Thom H (kr) wrote: Ten years later this goofy film becomes a documentary. Mike Judge is a prophet.

Gil Z (nl) wrote: Under rated- Very good film. It is not the best but it is a very good film a bit chessy at time but amazing

Brandon W (es) wrote: One movie that seemed to be overlooked through my entire childhood. Lots of people my age talk about this movie as one of their nostalgic favourites. I guess I was too busy watching "The Mighty Ducks" non-stop. Anyways, "Mrs. Doubtfire" is a funny movie. A really funny movie. I was smiling the whole time. In my books, when a movie can get me to dance when the characters in the movie are dancing, that's when I know it's a great movie. Good job Robin Williams and Aerosmith. Robin Williams is awesome! From all the voices he does and his witty humour, he's just great. I can't believe I never saw this movie growing up, but I'm glad I did!

Brendan N (it) wrote: the clash of cultures was fun to watch. the book was much more interesting but it was fun to watch these characters walking around. it works in certain cases but overall its a bit of a miss

John A (kr) wrote: Peter Jackson's directorial debut is a fun, cheesy comedy/horror. This features a somewhat original and great (although ridiculous) plot. The plot is accompanied by a decent comedic script, adding in some real crap acting And you have this cult classic comedy that's just too stupid to be bad.

Monty H (fr) wrote: Just recently saw To Be Or Not To Be on TCM the other night and it is still a tremendously great film. I hadn't seen in at least 10 years but everything still works. Ernst Lubitsch directs the 1942 political satire classic To Be or Not to Be, which marked the final screen appearance of comedienne Carole Lombard. In Warsaw at the beginning of WWII, Maria Tura (Lombard) and husband Joseph (Jack Benny) perform anti-Nazi plays with their theater troupe until they are forced to switch to Shakespeare's Hamlet. Lt. Stanislav Sobinski (Robert Stack) falls for Maria and meets up with her during Joseph's famous To Be or Not to Be speech as Hamlet. When Stanislav is eventually dispatched for war, he implicates Maria with Professor Siletsky (Stanley Ridges), who has a secret plan to destroy the Warsaw resistance. The Polish theater troupe is then forced to use their theatrical skills to ensure their survival. Eventually, they turn to impersonating Nazi officers -- and even Hitler himself -- in order to outwit the enemy and keep the resistance safe from spies. Carole Lombard positively glows in what would be her final film role. She just radiates a heavenly presence and has wonderful chemistry with Jack Benny, who gets a lot of the laughs in this classic screwball film.

Matthew C (nl) wrote: I'll give it a 50% in stars because it does pull at your heart, especially if you're a sappy, sentimental, Christian, film-lover like me, but it also makes you laugh in the wrong places and heave in your mouth especially if you're a student of film, want films to be great, and believe true stories deserve the best treatment - like I do. True stories are gold but in Soul Surfer the most emotional parts are either because you believe in the same things (Christianity) or are the real life footage reels. The movie is very plain, very uncreative, and filled with tough techniques to pull off (i.e. VO montages). Now I'm sure it was a lot of fun to make this film, except maybe when getting the perfect surf shot just wasn't happening, but the acting, directing, and writing, the THREE BIG THINGS you need to make a movie work out of the gate is boring at best, terrible at worst. The lines are awful, the emotion is sucked right out of the scenes by melodramatic cliched bad performances, and the shots are all over the place. I'm not kidding, as a director you need to get the actors to stop pretending, and as a writer you need to set your actors up for success. No offense to Kevin Sorbo either, he's a great Christian guy who's worked a long time but his acting was bad, although Carrie Underwood makes everyone else's acting comparable to Brando's. Luckily Quaid's and Hunt's performances somewhat ground everything. Amateur filmmaking, and art that is meandering and so assembly line. You could write a book on how things are so smothered in sugar that the conflict is cheesy and the characters one dimensional. Bethany Hamilton is an amazing person and the film delivers every once and a great while when they let her true story take over, otherwise they're getting in the way. I'm bagging on this because it's just like dozens of other Christian boring by the book forgettable filmmaking that makes Christian filmmaking look bad in the eyes of the pros. BUT! BUT it has heart, it has meaning, and messages that still resound. Watching it with my wife after our Hawaiian honeymoon where I injured my arm (didn't lose it) was somewhat nostalgic and cool. We watched it mainly because we visited the spot where Bethany was attacked. By the way, the attack scene is very poorly done. Anyways, your heart may be warmed and the tears jerked but maybe read the book instead and you'll get that and more!

Quinn G (ru) wrote: Jack could have lived. Nope. We had to have a cry fest

Judge L (us) wrote: Had not watched this since it first came out on DVD. The world changed 6 months after this one came out.