Two 35 year old men going backwards in life meet a vibrant 23 year woman, bounding unselfconsciously forward.

Two 35 year old men going backwards in life meet a vibrant 23 year woman, bounding unselfconsciously forward. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MacDara C (jp) wrote: (Watched Wed 15 Feb 2012) Oscar-worthy documentary that isn't afraid to tackle the thorny issues.

Lluvia A (es) wrote: This movie was touching and funny without being too much of either.

Joseph H (es) wrote: Great characters in conflict make for great documentaries. This movie is exactly that. It had some very small pacing issues but my main complaint is that it was too short. I wanted more competition and more character background and development. Overall, this is one of the best documentaries I've seen this year.

Chris I (de) wrote: Could've had a lot more fun with spoofing 'time travel' tropes

Niklas S (ca) wrote: Yamada is famous for doing the "slow" movie. Quite frankly this was a little bit too slow for myself. Sure, the acting was superb from all parts but the story was not that compelling to me. I could watch Tadanobu sit around and watch birds for half an hour and I think it would be good. However, his hitting the head into things and balling character in this did not work for me. Still, Yamada is one of the great Japanese directors.

Jen H (kr) wrote: I expected more from this movie, but I liked it - it had its moments.

Nightshadow W (ag) wrote: even tho the only good song in the whole movie was "show me the light" the movie as a whole wasnt bad at all givin that im not blinded by nostalgia as i never knew this movie existed till december of last year thanks to youtubes recommendations i can honestly say this movie is far better then the 40% bullshit this stupid critics are giving itneedless to say the movie is actually a little bit better story wise then the '34 version of the movie or whenever that one came out dont get me wrong the original is a classic and i watch it every year :P but ill be adding this not only to my yearly december movies but also my dvd collection if i can find it lolso with that being said this movie even tho 99% ofits musical numbers are cringy AF and a bit forced at times the story and movie as a whole i say is quite the hidden gem if only the other songs were as good as show me the light then i wouldnt be able to stop myself from singing the praises of this movie cause holy crap that song XD too bad its not only the only good song but its sooo short too :P

Steve R (ca) wrote: A romantic comedy written by geeks and for geeks. The film is full of geek-culture refernces including various appearances by William Shatner. Comic book and Sci-Fi fanboys will probaby love it, but everyone else just won't get it. If you're the target audience, you'll enjoy it. Feels like Swingers, so think that plus a load of Star Trek and Star Wars references etc.

Anne C (au) wrote: This film is so obviously autobiographical so wasn't any surprise to see find out it is. I found it riviting. Being an ex hippy myself I could relate to so much in the film. Brilliantly acted by the two children and of course by Kate Winslet. The film gives a real snapshot into the atmosphere of Moroccan life.

Chris J (us) wrote: I like it. Few others do. U got the trials of Job comin'!!

Max D (fr) wrote: Cameron Crowe manages to out do John Hughes in John Hughes own style.

Samra M (es) wrote: Sunny Deol as the angry young man at the peak of his career .... !! Typical 80's Bollywood where one hero who fight all evils ... the world was just black & white, and songs will just pop up in between serious moments like all was hunky dorey ... *sigh* to the cinema of yester years who makes us laugh today !!

Matt B (kr) wrote: Excellent beginning to a film that started a franchise which set the bar for superhero movies. This film took a bold risk and the end result was a storm of audience members begging for more. The boxoffice success of dark night can reflect how powerful this first movie was with more and more people catching on in the year between films.

Aaron J (jp) wrote: This film is truly tender and beautiful. Hector Babenco has crafted a film to reallly be proud of. William Hurt gave such a tender and emotional performance as Luis Molina, a gay man who is imprisoned with a marxist (Raul Julia). William Hurt deserved the Oscar for this performance. I rate his performance in the top ten of greatest performances by actors, he plays his part with such a mothering nature. Raul Julia is very convincing as Valentin Arregui, his part serves as the observer to Molina, as Molina tells his movies in the jail cell. The film is really a play on life, love, and happiness. The script is filled with such emotional satire that in the end will have you crying like a baby.

Jacob B (br) wrote: Steven Spielberg's amazing masterpiece, this black-and-white film manages to pack a lot of story within its 3-hour long runtime. The film has amazing performances from Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley and Ralph Fiennes, has some well-conducted music most notably in the full-colour ending and manages to successfully combine drama with horror and unexpected humour. This film is not only one of Spielberg's best movies to date but may also be remembered as one of the most critically acclaimed movies of all time and for adults and older teens will be an unforgettable motion picture experience.

MF J (it) wrote: This Woody Allen from year 2003 is a funny comedy filled with silly characters & even sillier situations. Life is a joke for mister Allen & here he shows us how to laugh about it all..... Special mention to the entire cast who's really going for it & having a lot of fun in front of the camera for our greatest pleasure.