Mondo is a homeless young boy, with a big smile, who wanders around Nice looking for food and a place to sleep.

Mondo is a homeless young boy, with a big smile, who wanders around Nice looking for food and a place to sleep. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard S (de) wrote: Really like this movie. Great performances from Flynn and Niven. Didn't realise how good Flynn was. Someone could remake this with a really small budget.

Jacob B (mx) wrote: While its runtime has been accused of being too long by some, Fast Five manages to be a remarkable improvement over its 4 predecessors (not that means the films were very awful). The action sequences are amazing, the performances (especially from The Rock) are great and we should give kudos to Universal Pictures for their successful experiment to get the franchise to appeal to a wider audience (i.e. departing from street racing and becoming a film which combines elements of a heist film and an action film with cars). Also, the film has a couple of humourous moments as well so that the film never feels dark and gloomy.

Nadja D (ru) wrote: this was a fun movie. locklear is good in it and her and buckley (HOT! :P) have great chemistry.makes you want to go to Hawai'i & learn how to surf (though I have the sinking feeling that I would suck at it...) :P

Kc E (ag) wrote: A very well plotted teen-flick that doesn't purposely slam the cliche at its viewers.

Jesse O (it) wrote: I was entertained by this movie. Mostly because of Vincent Cassel's awesome performance, but the movie doesn't take itself that seriously so that helps. But this is really Vincent's show, and goddamnit is he great. He's one of these actors who's just completely fearless in the roles he picks. He's not afraid to put himself in situations that other actors would scoff at. He's just an incredibly versatile performer, but I'd never say he's the best actor I've ever seen, but damn it, the guy is still great. The movie, without Vincent, probably would've been an average movie at best. But with him and the comedy, it turns into a pretty entertaining horror/comedy. The funniest scenes comes when Bart is describing eating a girl out. That's all I'll say. It was a tremendous scene. But yea that's it, it was an entertaining horror movie, I've seen better but I can't say that I wasted my time watching this movie, especially with all the absurdity going on. I just can't hate any movie that knows how absurd it is.By the way, someone should take a screen capture of the last scene with Vincent Cassel smiling widely at the camera as the movie ends. It's an incredible visual, though there is an aspect to this scene that I'm not spoiling, as it just makes the movie even better.

Andrew K (ag) wrote: It's nothing special but as far as videogame to movie adaptations go, you could do much worse. If you like tekken you'll probably like this at least a bit.

Greg W (gb) wrote: one of the few remakes that I like better than the 1970 version

Rob G (ru) wrote: This seemed so good when i was 15. Maybe it had something to do with the tits.

Dustin P (jp) wrote: It's an intentionally silly horror movie. It's entertaining enough to watch probably once every five to ten years. Not great, but not bad.

Brett B (au) wrote: Great cast, but the story isn't worthy of the star-power. A true disappointment from Lumet; even his direction feels uninspired.

Scott C (kr) wrote: I thought it was visually amazing, but found it a tad long and boring.

David F (es) wrote: Not the greatest Hollywood musical, but it ranks pretty high. All singing, all dancing extravaganza featuring Betty Hutton in the title role - one originally meant for Judy Garland (one wonders what that would've been like). Betty's the best thing about the picture as she squares off with square-jawed Howard Keel. Wonderful Irving Berlin score includes the classics "Anything You Can Do' and 'No Business Like Show Business'. Can't go wrong.

Jason M (br) wrote: If you grew up with rap in the 80s and 90s, you'll love this parody. Back when Chris Rock was still funny even!