Mondo New York

Mondo New York

A young woman wanders around New York City and stumbles across a number of strange characters and settings that represent the "underground" areas of the city. She sees stand up comedy in ...

A young woman wanders around New York City and stumbles across a number of strange characters and settings that represent the "underground" areas of the city. She sees stand up comedy in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric B (au) wrote: While strange and at times horrific, the fable still translates well.

Aashish M (jp) wrote: When she likes him... she can do everything for him

Dinesh P (it) wrote: A very bad film. Could not understand the film at all. Was it about the love story of Roosevelt or the journey of the king and queen of england. ?

Amanda H (ag) wrote: Good film. Dakota played good part. Kirsten was an angry Bella.

Shaun B (it) wrote: Horribly hilarious. Best death scene EVER!!!

Matt M (ag) wrote: In this Carry On comedy, naughty old men chase after young girls in a camp they thought would be a nudist camp. The humour is certainly outdated, though it has its amusing moments.

Lisa L (de) wrote: This was Austin Powers before Austin Powers

Steve C (au) wrote: I enjoyed this film much more than I thought. The story seems very simple, kids want a TV. But it is much more than that, it is about modern technology entering Japan and individual's reactions. Also a difference between traditional Japan and the Westernization of Japan. A really good film, it is actually a remake of Ozu's I was Burn, But... from 1932.

Espen N (us) wrote: Van Gogh was a man who never got critical or commercial acclaim for his work. He spent his days painting what was in front of him in given situations, and his art express empathy and exuberance over life. The artist??s last months before suicide was his most productive, even though he was institutionalized in the country side for lunacy. Maurice Pialat is more interested in Vincent Van Gogh as a human being than as an artist. As a man, Van Gogh is fragile, reserved, but he know what he wants and he is not shy. Women are more in focus than men. A teenage daughter of Van Gogh??s doctor, his brother Theo??s wife and a prostitute wants a piece of him, and I like how their curiosity to find out who this mystic Dutch painter is, reflected my own during the film's extended length. The summer settings, the Seine river and rays of sunshine makes the film beautiful to experience (and it had me thinking about ??Le Genaou de Claire?? by Eric Rohmer several times because of the climate). Everything around Van Gogh is inspirational. The film is slow, and Maurice Pialat??s long takes gives me the time to devour 19th century time and spirit. Another thing I noticed about style, is Pialat??s interest in a narrative where we are set in the consequences, rather than tagging along the progress. Each time Van Gogh is painting, we see him finishing the painting rather than starting one from scratch. I guess Pialat wants to be rational, in order to tell his story efficiently, and in my eyes he succeeds. This is truly a wonderful film.

Laurel N (ru) wrote: Loved It!!!! was awsome...made me laugh

F B (nl) wrote: Average film, average story and not one I would want to see again.

Dave A (nl) wrote: Classic satire/comedy with a fantastic cast... This was the first film to show Peter Sellers at his full potential (only in Dr. Strangelove and Being There is he this good...). Thematically it covers similar territory to The Man In The White Suit, though it is a much more raucous ,in yer face film. Quite simply the pinnacle of British comedy...