A young man whose father's fortune was stolen by his closest friends sets out to get revenge in this odyssey through the world's major financial centers.

A young man whose father's fortune was stolen by his closest friends sets out to get revenge in this odyssey through the world's major financial centers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim T (us) wrote: Seth MacFarlane talking too much and shouting for no reason a lot really does not make a good film.

Dylan F (kr) wrote: Its pretty meh overall. But worth at least one viewing.

Bruce B (nl) wrote: "When you can't affect change from within, I mean positive change, you have an obligation if you're at all conscious to get out and try other things." Jack Begosian (Garcia) is a former CIA operative who is now a talk show host talking about important issues. Bruce Swinton (Coates) is the head of a large corporation who has just found out about a huge problem with his company and a local African community. When his sister wants him to tell the truth he fights her and she hires Jack to go in and expose what is going on in the country. This is a very important movie that should be seen by more people then will actually see it. Very engrossing and informative and worth seeing. The only real problem I have is that it plays almost more like a Dateline or 60 Minutes type story then a movie. I'm not saying that that is a bad thing but that's what I was reminded of. The acting is great and I recommend this but be ready for this type of movie. Overall, a very important movie that may have the possibility to change things.. 5 stars 4-22-13

Bruno V (de) wrote: This just got not enough punch in the scenes to cry , laugh , be trilled ....and a not satisfying end Medium

Sumit P (jp) wrote: unbelievable....m so desperate to see such a classy story for a long tracks r rocking...nhi to aajkal bacche log bina sir per ki film bana dete h...ab ajab prem ki ghazab kahani ko hi le lo...

Michael P (jp) wrote: Hey, it's my number one most hated movie of all time. That's right--all time. Anybody want to watch a movie with multiple scenes of a man driving to find a cell phone signal? OK, well what if I tell you that each of these segments is almost the same and never cuts away from the man driving to the top of a hill and back? What if each segment lasts for what seems like 10 minutes? If you're still here, this may be the movie for you. I hate you Abbas Kiarostami

Lynx L (fr) wrote: This movie has a really weird storyline (the boy befriends a RAT) but it is really sweet

Simon C (au) wrote: A bad Australian film made in the manner of a bad American film and worse: characters behaving like hysterical Americans. Just dross, really. Clich-laden, derivative, noisy. I rarely abort a movie half-watched, but this flick went out of its way to be annoying.

James A (gb) wrote: This film has rave reviews, but I was left disappointed. Literally and metaphorically it is meaningless slog through a sea of mud.

Angelo Dean B (de) wrote: Errors of the Human Body indeed.Didn't enjoy this at all

Matthew M (ca) wrote: A wastedwaste of a perfectly good concept. throughout the whole thing I kept thinking that amidst all the tedious dialog, and poorly executed action there was a good movie hiding.

Claire T (it) wrote: Hate it, never watching it ever again, it was very crap and very weird, too far-fetched, It was a absolutely crap movie, I can't believe they released this, it starred Ray Wise and Chris Marquette

Alberto V (ag) wrote: Estpida y sensual Alexis Knapp.

Nicola W (de) wrote: Didn't think I'd seen this before but when I started watching I realised I had. Not top of my list for Disney films, too much singing for my liking.