Money Back Policy

Money Back Policy

The film tells the story of Asokan (Sreenivasan), a security in a hotel. Although his surroundings and friends grow, he has a zero growth. He is envious of rich people but he trains his wife (Sarayu) and children to lead a simple life in order to hide his jealous nature. Fortune favours him when he learns that he has inherited a huge sum from his ancestors. He gives up his job to live a lavish life and to make more money. Life changes for Asokan when he meets Rupa (Aiswarya Nambiar), an insurance company advisor.

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Money Back Policy torrent reviews

Mad M (us) wrote: Meh. It's just not very engaging. Wasn't worth finishing, frankly.

Martin T (au) wrote: A very good comic thriller. Kind of a Thai version of A Simple Plan with a sense of humor. I'm trying to resist mentioning Tarantino, but it does seem like an influence.

charles s (mx) wrote: I love this movie !!

Hctor J (kr) wrote: triste como nos afincamos a las personas, que solo estn de paso al igual que nosotros

stephanie g (kr) wrote: kindergarten cop is funny Netflix us please have it on streaming, :)