Money for Nothing

Money for Nothing

When unemployed dockworker Joey Coyle finds $1.2 million that fell off of an armored car, he decides to do the logical thing: take the money and run. After all, he says, finders keepers. He turns to his ex-girlfriend Monica, who works in an investment firm, for advice, before turning to the mob for help laundering the money. While Joey makes plans to leave the country, however, a detective is following his ever-warmer trail in order to recover the cash.

When unemployed dockworker Joey Coyle finds $1.2 million that fell off of an armored car, he decides to do the logical thing: take the money and run. After all, he says, finders keepers. He... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Levi C (jp) wrote: This is more of a parody of all the horror movies now a days. They use horror as more of a laughing effect then just horrific Zombeavers.

Mary M (mx) wrote: Insight into the brilliant mind of Steve Jobs! He doesn't blink. Wonder if that was part of his genius? Definitely, a visionary. RIP

Eric R (de) wrote: Adam is a former Olympic gold medalist in swimming who now works as a pool attendant at a hotel; he is 60 years old. His son works at the pool too, but tensions arise when the hotel cuts down the pool staff and father and son are competing for the same job. Without giving much away, the film takes place in Chad where a never-ending civil war is going on. The film is really a character study about family, particularly father and son as they deal with the ever changing environmental landscape around them. The director has credited OZU as his biggest influence and favorite filmmaker and I can definitely see why. This is a harrowing, subtle drama that perfectly captures an interesting viewpoint on father-son family dynamics, particularly because of the civil war setting. We see a Man who has to confront his own masculinity in terms of being useful and desired, as he grows older, even to the point of viewing his own son as competition. Some may find the film slow, but I would rather call the film restrained in that it never stretches its emotions, but just lays out a story of two men, which is beautifully tragic.

Melanie R (ru) wrote: I'll wait for the video.

Cheryl L (es) wrote: But of a strange storyline but very festive a quite a few laughs throughout.

Panos Y (fr) wrote: 6.5/10 A big effort with sweet results, but it will not please everybody.Quite good nevertheless.

Laurence T (kr) wrote: Not my type of movie

Joey (gb) wrote: Not as good as the new rambo movies!

Erin loves Corbin FOREVER F (us) wrote: YAY i like christmas

Drew S (us) wrote: What an odd little movie. It's pretty much totally invalid except as a performance showcase for Tilda Swinton, giving her all sorts of bizarre alien landscapes and situations to maneuver through. Its total lack of focus makes it intellectually unengaging, it looks and sounds cheap, and you don't really laugh at its absurdity like you would at most other successful comedies; you sort of revel in it. You get to see Swinton choreograph a three-person dance routine comprised entirely of herself, though, and you get to watch her say "succulent proteins" over and over to some guy at a bakery. Perhaps I'm just a fucking moron, or a die-hard Swinton fan, but little pleasures like these were perfectly worth sacrificing my 80 minutes for. Unless you really want to get your Tilda on, or you're in the mood for a super oddball sci-fi feminist curio, you could probably skip this and not miss out on much.

Laurie T (mx) wrote: An unnecessary remake, though the chemistry is good between Cruz and Cruise. Carmen Diaz and Kurt Russell do interesting things with their roles. Cruise is not allowed to become truly disfigured, and is at his best when he's running down the hallways or jumping off a tall building. Give me Eduardo Noriega any day.

Amanda C (de) wrote: It's perfect for what it's supposed to be!

Richard T (ru) wrote: Meryl Streep shines (as she always does) in Wes Craven's only non-horror movie to date (excluding his '70s "sex pictures" and the 1986 TV movie, Casebusters).

Muffin M (au) wrote: During a rescue mission in Vietnam, Colonel Braddock (Chuck Norris) and five of his men are captured and placed in a torturous work camp rules by a ruthless, maniacal warden. But like a cunning tiger waiting for the right time to pounce on his prey, Braddock seizes an opportunity to spring into action... and becomes a one man fighting machine dead set on freeing his men at any cost!also stars Soon-Teck Oh, Cosie Costa, Steven Williams, David Chung, Joe Michael Terry, John Wesley, Bennett Ohta and Professor Toru Tanaka.directed by Lance Hool.

Kade C (us) wrote: A film that transcends the term "comic book" or "super hero" movie, The Dark Knight is a success in every way. Absolutely brilliant performances from the entire cast, with a standout of course being the late Heath Ledger as the Joker. In my mind, there will never be a better Joker portrayal than the one he brought to this movie. Christian Bale is phenomenal once again as the dark knight himself, Batman, and great performances again from Michael Caine as Alfred and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox. The script is fantastic while being gritty and dark, while having that sliver of light peeking through the darkness from time to time. A marvel of large scale comic films that will stand the test of time as one of the very best of its genre, and an incredible movie over all.

Jacob B (fr) wrote: It plagiarizes plot elements from other disaster movies such as 2012 but its special effects are so amazing they ought to make you cry over how realistic it feels and Dwayne Johnson's performance is great.