Money from Home

Money from Home

Herman owes a lot of gambling debts. To pay them off, he promises the mob he'll fix a horse, so that it does not run. He intends to trick his animal-loving cousin, Virgil, an apprentice veterinarian, into helping him. Of course, he doesn't tell Virgil what he is really up to. Mistaken identities are assumed, while along the way, Virgil meets a female vet and Herman falls for the owner of the horse. Goons and mobsters are also lurking around; so beware!

Herman owes a lot of gambling debts. To pay them off, he promises the mob he'll fix a horse, so that it does not run. He intends to trick his animal-loving cousin, Virgil, an apprentice ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fernando P (kr) wrote: My new "I like it" of this week

Phillip D (nl) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised by Solomon Kane. Although rough at points and certainly lacking in supporting cast and some special effects, Solomon Kane provides an excellent first chapter, not to mention some top notch, heavy fighting entertainment. I look forward to the next installment.

Rachael H (gb) wrote: Badass woman! She is so cold with her husband that it creates a lot of laughs. It's a very good storyline with her sister and her wanting her to get married. good action scenes with a mix of scenes with comedy aka her husband playing the fool. There are some good side characters, like the guy with blonde hair and his girlfriend (Oh nooo) Sad times. I think it could have ended better and been a bit more engaging to be a better film but it's enjoyable. Apart form being a gangster, she must have some other interests surely? Or maybe that's the point. He was very gullible just saying YES straight away! Must have thought she was easy lol

Kevin G (es) wrote: Finally got around to renting this 1995 pirate movie. As long as you don't expect anything amazing like Pirates of the Caribbean, this can serve as a nice time waster. The horrible acting and faults in the script bring it down big time though. There is action, but it's just "there" and it won't amaze you much. Rental at best, nothing more.

Lady D (nl) wrote: Not just another film or story about The Beatles, this is the story of Stuart Sutcliffe; the fifth Beatle, his relationship with John Lennona and their time with the rest of The Beatles in Hamberg. Whilst being a fan (although not a die hard fan) of The Beatles, I knew very little of Stuart Sutcliffe, so this made for interesting viewing and also showed John Lennon in a slightly different light to most portrayals and the obvsious bond between the two of them.

Christopher N (nl) wrote: Don't know what everyone's problem is with this was a great 80's flick....was funny at times and showed the side of college football recruiting. Anthony M. Hall was great along with Uma Thurman and Robert Downey. By no means is it oscar worthy but it was a good all around film

Gary W (nl) wrote: Very very funny ! One way to see what a man's world is like (as a female) !!

Robert C (jp) wrote: Ugh, I thought this would be stupid and funny. I was wrong. I'm pretty sure you have to be drunk to enjoy this movie.

Walter M (jp) wrote: Franz Liszt(Roger Daltrey) performs at a sold out show, almost entirely composed of screaming teenaged girls. The only exception is Richard Wagner(Paul Nicholas), a promising young composer, whose work Liszt makes fun of before Wagner slinks off into the darkness. Fame is not all fun and games as Liszt is commanded to perform for Tsar Nicholas, taking him away again from his paramour Marie(Fiona Lewis) who gave up everything to be with him. At least, his daughter Cosima(Veronica Quilligan) makes him a doll which should comfort him until he makes a detour to visit Princess Carolyn(Sara Kestelman). With baroque, anachronistic and stylistic energy and imagery that includes an additional debt to classic and silent films, Ken Russell is less interested in the facts of Franz Liszt's life, assuming the audience is already familiar with his story and music(all I know is from the film "Impromptu" which featured Julian Sands as the Hungarian composer), than with creating a personal and psycho-political film that tries with a good deal of success to show what the inside of an artist's head looks like. Of course, not everything we see in there is pretty, as Liszt lives constantly in fear of being castrated and/or trapped. That's nothing compared to Richard Wagner who Russell sees as the root of all evil, i.e. Nazism. While I admire the effort to show the Nazis not occuring in a political vacuum, their causes probably went beyond just one classical composer.

Kevin R (ru) wrote: Part preacher, part undertaker, and park God.Gravedigger Jones and Coffin Ed Johnson are two black cops who patrol the streets as well as do the detective work in Harlem. A new reverend, Deke O'Malley, comes to town and makes everyone believe he has Jesus on his side and freedom in his words. The detectives track down some recent string of crimes and all signs point to the reverend being corrupt. Can the cops prove the reverend is the root of all evil and not a savior?"I'm really sick of looking at you. You're really one ugly child."Ossie Davis, director of Kongi's Harvest, Black Girl, Gordon's War, Cool Red, and Crown Dick, delivers Cotton comes to Harlem. The storyline for this picture is below average and a bit disappointing. This is a relaxed cop drama where everything is straightforward and fits together perfectly (with some funny scenes here and there). The acting is just okay and the cast includes Godfrey Cambridge, Calvin Lockhart, Redd Foxx, John Anderson, Eugene Roche, and Cleavon Little."Black people need hope like everyone else."I grabbed this off Neflix recently because I am a fan of blaxploitation cinema. This was not one of the better films in the genre. I felt everything was too straightforward and the detectives were a bit clich. There were some good lines; but overall, this is very average."Don't you step on my ribs!"Grade: C

Keith C (de) wrote: This was Gene and Judy's last film together as well as Judy's last for MGM. No question that this movie is just pure "fun". It doesn't pretend to be anything else. The dance scene in the barn shows how incredibly talented these two entertainers work together. I could watch that scene over and over again. One full star here for "Get Happy" which is a Garland masterpiece. Filmed weeks after production was over, Judy looks well rested and just glows. The outfit was originally in Easter Parade (another Garland/Kelly film that would have been great. Kelly hurt is foot and was replaced by Fred Astaire) in the Mr. Monotony number. She looked REAL thin in that scene. Summer Stock is great, predictable and just plain fun.

(ag) wrote: Boring, loose and overall bad. It could have had some forgiveness if it wasn't a game adaptation, but now that that's the case, I can't help but notice the total lack of loyalty to its source material and the awful and broken script.

Marilee A (es) wrote: Michelle Williams mouth was all wrong.Marilyn sex appeal relied so much on how she articulated those famous lips. I know,I use to do MM impersonations at Clubs. I do however think she came as close as anyone can to embodying such an Icon

Marek S (de) wrote: Are there any negative stars?It's one of the worst movie I've seen...

Sean L (ca) wrote: Nowhere close to American Psycho but it's cool with the sound off