Money in the Bank

Money in the Bank

The business of banking.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:25 minutes
  • Release:1965
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Money in the Bank torrent reviews

Jackie H (it) wrote: Another brilliant movie from Woody Allen!! I loved it; I watched it 3 times so far.

Nicola W (au) wrote: Really good sequel, can't get over the ending though! There was no need for that ??

Nicolas K (ca) wrote: Ken Loach certainly knows how to make a good drama. This time around he looks at a story of a contractor returning from Iraq war, dealing with both the issues of settling back to normal life but also determined to find the answers to the unexplained death of his best friend in Iraq.

Bardem V (fr) wrote: Just the idea of an old writer and his lovers is very attractive. However, despite some moments of mordacity and comicity, this movie stays in the interesting idea and no offer what it can be promised: deepness and grace.

Brandon B (fr) wrote: excellent film, poetic and emotional love story from a very unique perspective!

Kimberly W (ca) wrote: It had such a sad ending but I loved it anyways. The best one I've seen.

Dov D (us) wrote: Robert Lieberman's ingenious vision of what being abducted by a UFO was evident, and for those fifteen minutes, this film will grab you by your very soul. Unfortunately for Mr. Lieberman, that vision had to be surrounded by an hour and a half of mindless dialogue and failed plot attempts. Bottom line, a decent UFO movie with undisputedly the most nightmare inducing alien scene ever filmed, but a snooze-fest the rest of the way through.

Matthew C (it) wrote: Boris Karloff is once again trying really, really hard to do right by mankind. But, like nearly every scientist in a 50s movie, his efforts go awry. Overall, a solid film, but not really especially good. Karloff has a lot of heart, though, and it's nice to see him work.

Bill T (it) wrote: Bit of nasty work here... A widow keeps hearing voices and strange goings-on and starts to go to a psychic, who knows more about the widow then almost she does. When we have that all figured out at home, there's more twists to the story, which adds up to the fun. Almost like Gaslight with ghosts, this was a lot of fun actually, the acting is good, the direction good, and the cinematography is quite spooky. Catch this if you can!

Claire M (ag) wrote: Pretty good, there was a little bit too much blood and gore for my liking but for the most part it was pretty good. I was a little tipsy when I watched this but for the most part I do remember liking this

Kimberly K (mx) wrote: Very interesting premise, but a tad slow.

Galvy F (mx) wrote: When we know how we get places when we are a success based on our words. When we know what it takes to be the best but we struggle at it. When we know we want to be a success and provide that need to do what we said we are in writing. When we don't know and sometimes know what blocks us from writing when we have no direction, no feel, don't see and able able to move others when we should. When we know others are not writers when they take credit for what we wrote. When we know it's too late and evetything is done to care. When the literary world has their integrity to always reveal their sources to respect those whom put on paper the words that live and breathe in mind and soul to pay homage to them. When we know we do the right thing when we give up a dream in whom we are, whom others are and learn from the mistakes that moved us to the point of rationality in what is important to us we couldn't see. When we know we wished our words were never said in other places when it costs us our love. When we know we too lived the words on a book when it's our first love in a time where it wasn't existent and we rather be in other places then here. When we know some words disappear when new words are introduced to us that we bury. When we lose the new words our old words come out, when they have always been there waiting to be unearthed and visited when we have felt so much over the years to know what words mean to us. When some words we put down remember a time where we felt the world through the eyes of someone going through life's ups and downs without it being written about them but you can feel it. When know words can move us and empower us to do so much that we never thought it would end our life and return us to where we began, alone. When we know being part of the literary world the word is important that we never choose to go against our word when that's all a writers got, professionally and at heart. When we know reading the words from a book teleports us to places we wish we were there seeing it, but some places we can't go but dream when in reality we are just readers.***************************************************************************When the words are as powerful in its essence that paints a time, place, action and deeper feeling that describes the moment and characters. When the collection of these powerful words all synchronized it it's complete masterpiece is able draw larger attraction then those whom individually read it. When it casts a foreshadowing event yet to happen, more suspenseful that it changes the direction. When words we express, comes from somewhere, when we are struggling to live that comforting life, because we are unable to afford it. When we know where to go make our burdens feel less, but it doesn't last long. When we are gifted with writing, an expression, feeling and view of the world like nobody can see. When some gifts we just happen to find.words that have power to build and destroy. embracing the life and eyes of those whom could see life in thst way. having a source of energy surface within us that bring light to what we can't see. This metamorphosis enlightenment that take us to places we never could see. The author is the god particle that reveals a universe on one side and a lonely abandoned planet of a life on the other.

Jens S (gb) wrote: Howard Hawk's classic safari adventure may be set in Africa and have plenty of huge scenes of men in cars chasing down animals. If you take that away, it is basically a romantic comedy, though. It is highly amusing to see what men turn into when a new female enters their territory and the little fights that causes. The lovable characters and light-hearted mood of the film make for a very entertaining experience. While the action sequence of the animal hunts do get a bit repetitive, they are still impressively filmed, look and feel real without a lot of special effect that'd probably be used today. The film easily could have been 15 minutes shorter, but it's still a lovable and charming experience to spend two hours with that crew of characters.