Money Madness

Money Madness

A murderous bank robber on the run from the law hides out in a small town.

A murderous bank robber on the run from the law hides out in a small town, where he gets a job as a cab driver. He meets a young girl who is caring for her ill but wealthy aunt. He courts ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Linda B (fr) wrote: this is a good movie.

Nate W (fr) wrote: Mercury Man is probably the greatest "so bad it's good" movie of the decade

Iara Z (it) wrote: Surpreendentemente bom! Quando percebi, j estava completamente envolvida pela histria :)

Caden S (br) wrote: GREAT movie! It was SUPER funny and I recommend it to ANYBODY

Crispin T (mx) wrote: Fun but cliche concept (creator get trapped inside his own work). in the end nothing sets this one apart from the "others".

Kim H (ag) wrote: My favorite Sherlock Holmes thing. It's brilliant!

Viktor B (nl) wrote: A film with a soundtrack that serves as a refreshing break from the ever tired orchestral music that many films use. The plot is a little too simple, but the acting is quite good and my God in heaven the scenery. There's some pretty good swordplay in this one too.

Hames R (jp) wrote: Great movie about a great composer.

Efe A (jp) wrote: siir gibi bir film yahu; film boyunca muzik asla susmuyor ve yanan Izmir'den surulen muzik Rembetiko taa Chicago'ya kadar agir aksak giderken arkasindan dunya savasini, fasizmi, devrimleri, yikimlari, olumleri ve asklari birer birer katediyor. Guzel film, ayrica Bonus DVD'sinde bir dolu rumca sarki var...

Faris A (au) wrote: This was Intensely boring. mainly because it has very few exciting and interesting moments that make this a unique experience that has never been done before.

Eliabeth S (au) wrote: One of my all-time favourite films. Colman and Garson are absolutely superb!

Kevin L (it) wrote: A very corny yet entertaining, witty yet boring musical about the Founding Fathers

Jim M (es) wrote: why all the vitriol?did anyone else bother to actually watch this movie?I rather liked it and the music was wonderful

Chloe W (ru) wrote: i hated this movie i like the movie The Room WAY better

James S (jp) wrote: A very good installment into the Pixar canon, Finding Nemo takes the road trip archetype and gives it the Pixar treatment, with warm characters, smart writing, and a fun story.It would be so easy to have this film seem like a series of random unrelated encounters. It is a testament to the strength of Marlin and Dory's characters that the film feels very organic. There is character growth, understanding, and a consistent throughline of story. The characters are well-matched; differences to allow for comedic and conflicting moments, yet enough similarities to give them a shared purpose and motivation.The other half of the story takes place in a fish tank, where Nemo learns determination and resourcefulness from his tank buddies. From the helpful pelican to the grizzled veteran Gill, he plays off these characters well, and by the end of the movie, had become a much different characters make this movie, plain and simple. Everything else is secondary.

Andrew M (es) wrote: Transformers: Dark of the Moon is amazing and entertaining. Michael Bay picked Chicago as the perfect place to shoot this movie and it was a great pick by him. The plot of this movie is brilliant. Great job!! I would very much suggest this movie.