Money No Enough

Money No Enough

"Money No Enough" is about three friends of different backgrounds who end up facing the same problem of surviving in a cash-strapped society where lack of money can bring endless problems. The film stars Chew Wah Keong (Jack Neo), who is white collar but a spend thrift, Ong (Mark Lee), a contractor, and Hui (Henry Thia), a coffee shop waiter who has a crush on his customer...

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Brad R (au) wrote: Very trippy, story was all over the place, but it was enjoyable

Juan Diego L (it) wrote: Honestamente, esta pelcula me gusta, los personajes me parecen muy tiernos y divertida.

Jason S (mx) wrote: An awesome documentary about MotoGP. Does a good job of explaining the recent progression of the bikes and riders.

Horny J (jp) wrote: There seems to be consensus among the other reviews that Buttcrack is slow moving and boring. Low budget? Yes. Infantile humor? Yes. Horrible acting? Yes. Boring? No. This movie had a definite plot and the story moved forward at an acceptable pace. I found it quite funny but I also know an average 8 year old boy's jokes border on hilarious for me. I'm not sure what the other folks that reviewed this movie were expecting. It's released by Troma, it's an hour and 7 minutes long and the title is Buttcrack. I think with these facts a fairly educated person can make the decision as to whether this movie might appeal. If you aren't familiar with Troma try using Google.

Juan Diego L (gb) wrote: Muy aburrida, no es lo que esperaba de Star Trek, escenas muy largas que fcilmente se podran recortar y generar el mismo impacto, los uniformes no me gustaron, parecan pijamas, nada como los uniformes que todos conocemos.

Christopher B (nl) wrote: Sprawling epic doesn't do justice for this classic. A modern western about wealth and what it could buy in post WWI Texas. A must see.

Sean K (de) wrote: Does just enough right to qualify this Bond adventure as one of Moores more memorable outings as the double O. Fun and cheeky at just the right moments with the positives out weighing the negatives...

Ryan W (ru) wrote: The movie is very cliched in terms of plot points and gags...

Melissa T (us) wrote: Fast intentions, slow plot.