Mong kok gaam yuk

Mong kok gaam yuk


Set within Mongkok, Hong Kong, an area known as the most crowded in the world, a schizophrenic ex-con views his Mongkok surroundings as a prison he can't get out of after he is released from a 30 years jail sentence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mong kok gaam yuk torrent reviews

Christopher H (it) wrote: Carefully navigated the clich (C) and over sentimentality. It has a good view of the East Asian maid/employer relationship.

Nanette S (fr) wrote: Intense, but with a good mix of humor and inspiration.

Karen H (ca) wrote: 2015-04-18 pretty good suspense, not too scary. but hard to call the 15 broadcasts to be stopped 'innocent lives' as the synopsis here does..

Freeman M (kr) wrote: Not really bad, but pretty unmemorable nonetheless.

Lanky Man P (mx) wrote: Not a great story, but Chris Tucker and Charlie Sheen make a great team.

shivaani r (jp) wrote: great really funny!!

Lucas A (mx) wrote: A Bergman classic! Splendid performances in front of a harmonic context and at the same time dark conducted by an incomparable genius of cinema, Ingmar Bergman. The film chronicles the journey of a small family that is seen collapsing in a delicate situation: crisis of madness of Karen, the wife of the doctor Martin. With philosophical dialogues and moments of tension, Ingmar Bergman directs and writes a splendidly wonderful family drama, in one of his best masterpieces!

Gregory W (us) wrote: another angel stoiry