Set in the 1980's, “Monga” centers around five boys (Mosquito, Monk, Dragon, White Monkey and A-Lan) who join the "Gang of Princes" who are tired of being pushed around. As the "Gang of Princes" rise in stature, they come into conflict with other gangs jealous of their rising power.

Because of dissimilarity between his creativeness and managing method of controling from his boss, Chef Carl Casper suddenly resigns from his work at a famous restaurant in Los Angeles to find something new. On the way to Miami, Casper gathers with his ex-wife, an old friend and his son to set up a mobile food truck. Travelling on roads, Carl gradually finds his ego and lights up cooking passion as well as sweet tastes of love and life… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Monga torrent reviews

Whitelock V (kr) wrote: You have to see this

Trevor D (mx) wrote: Crazy compelling documentary about one of the simplest subjects ever. The infamous typeface is used as a jumping off point for an exploration of history, perspective, and schools of thought regarding art, design, and expression. It's somewhat slight (and only touches on certain ideas that could be explored endlessly), but this is not a major fault. There's really no reliance on creative frills, which makes "Helvetica" all the more remarkable for being way more interesting than it should be.

Gary M (ru) wrote: The first one was way better. the story line here pretty much is about the army and not about the bats.

Dean (kr) wrote: Of course, the original Firestarter was best. But Marguerite Moreau is beautiful.

Jonathan C (kr) wrote: About the only good thing this movie was good for was helping me understand more of the spoofs from Robin Hood Men In Tights.

Emmanuel S (de) wrote: The excellent art direction makes this a passable film to watch.

Daniel P (ru) wrote: History in the making, the greatest music video ever made.

Joshua G (es) wrote: It is worth a watch. Very out-there, but a classic. Carradine's performance is moving, but disturbing, nonetheless. Seeing Kimberly Beck of Friday the 13th - The Final Chapter was a treat too. A very 'naked' treat. :)

(nl) wrote: Even with a nearly painfully non-expressive voice acting and some quite visible plot holes, "Atlantis" holds its ground with fun characters and outstanding art and animation.

Carl M (mx) wrote: Elvis and Tweeter think they've found hope off the coast of Florida, but they soon find themselves trapped on an island that is swarming with the undead! Brace yourself for more of the same tired cliches in the new zombie survival film DEAD SEASON, Adam Deyoe's fifth feature film following other such classics as PSYCHO SLEEPOVER and YETI: A LOVE STORY. The bore-o-meter is reading surprisingly high in Florida during this year's DEAD SEASON, with the only thing duller than the characters being the dreadful dialog that accompanies them. Cinematography Jeffrey Peters seems unusually obsessed with keeping everything tight in frame, filming nearly every shot in an unnecessary close-up. Credit is due to the film's make-up team for sticking strictly to practical effects, but the zombie action is infrequent at best, and hardly worth the wait. Everyone has their favorite season, but DEAD SEASON comes in dead last on that list.

Jonathan V (au) wrote: While not entirely depraved, Mamma Mia is incredibly mindless. This film has very little story, opting instead to drown the audience in unrelated song after unrelated song. This hodgepodge musical struggles to connect the music to the story but does a very poor job. With all the filler removed, this film would probably be 15 minutes. Overall, I found the comedy forced and lame, the singing ranged from decent to atrocious and the focus was all over the place. The movie is too fun to hate but nothing near intellectual sustenance.

Kerryann D (de) wrote: What did I just watch? A movie that had so much potential but fell flat on its face. Nothing happened! 95mins of my life I'll never get back!

Morgan S (jp) wrote: I just love Donald O' Connor. She is so sweet and funny! The story itself wasnt all the great; Theater family is ripped apart for different reasons yada yda everyone is happy at the end. But thats ok know why? It a musical!!!and quite a good musical. The show numbers and dance numbers are terrific! love them! See it for some fun!