Public Prosecutor Mathur names an accused, Sandeep Mishra, and three other suspects who had arranged the homicide of Lucknow-based journalist Monica. The trio are Aseem Ray - a wealthy publisher; Pamela Grewal - a businesswoman; and Chandrakant Pandit - the former Telecom Minister and soon-to-be Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. With odds stacked heavily against him, Mathur presents, what is an apparent circumstantial case before a female judge, and must prove beyond a reasonable shadow of doubt, that Sandeep was directly involved - even though direct evidence indicates that the murder was committed by two unknown males, and that the deceased victim lived a dual life.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Hindi,English
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An accused and three politically-connected suspects are prosecuted for their involvement in the homicide of a journalist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter H (jp) wrote: Terrible. An insult to the original.

Robert L (fr) wrote: A reason to rehabilitate Many things were said about the bitter horror/thriller when it was released, but they were all back in 2006, how about I update them a little bit? Wilderness has a simple plot; a set of hardened criminals all under the age of 25 are sent away to a deserted and isolated island to help them build friendship and rehabilitate. They all know that they are really sent there as a punishment after one of their number; bullied by the others, commits suicide. Now, one of the questions that leaps out at me straight away is, why would you put a wimpy drug dealer in a room with real drug dealers, a murder, a serial rapist, an armed robber and a violent psychopath? Short on rooms are we, Oxford Street? The obvious reason is if there wasn't a wimp thrown in with these people there would be no film, just people sitting around, being generally nasty to one another. Actually that's sort of what Wilderness is; none of the characters are likable, they are all accurate descriptions of their anger, frustration and down right nastiness to reflect their crimes, we are never told what each of the offenders crimes are, but we can pick it up. As usual we are given the fun box full of stereotypes for youth; the angry one, the brave one, the wimpy one, the chav, the mindless one, they're all there. 10 of them, each fitting into a category and each with a slight spin on them that keeps them interesting and each with their very own mean streak. This would make the film boring and predictable if it wasn't so well written and clever. Each character is used to his full potential bringing out unique characteristics from each, making them all stand tall on their own merits. It would be easy to dismiss Wilderness as just a standard Brit horror but it's not, there is nothing standard about the film at all (apart from the collection of characters). Wilderness, not unlike the real wilderness, is unpredictable; you are never too sure where it's going to take you next, because the film doesn't lay it's cards on the table until almost half way through the movie. I found this impressive, that the writer Dario Poloni, could show such restraint in letting us find out the deeper moments of the movie. To hold out your best stuff for the second act is a difficult job for any director as you want to make a movie as immediately engaging as possible, but somehow Michael J. Bassett manages it. Bassett controls his areas and shots so that each scene looks both visually attractive and completely normal at the same time. Bassett's other work is Deathwatch and Solomon Kane, and you can tell. Bassett brings his bang of nasty moments with him into Wilderness and truly, they are needed. What is nice about Wilderness is that it's never totally confined to one genre, it sort of mutates between them, switching from a thriller to a horror to an action, while throwing in elements of romance and comedy, but make no mistake Wilderness is a nasty little film indeed. The acting is all first rate most of the cast are young up and new comers like the very talented Toby Kebbell and the witty Adam Deacon, Stephen Wight and Karly Greene also contribute to the teen cast, however making an appearance for adults is Sean Pertwee, do I really need to tell you how good he is again? Somewhere in the movie is Stephen Don who for some reason rings all to much of Vincent Regan in my opinion. It's like Saw if it was more optimistic and fun, Wilderness is what you would get if you had asked Tarantino to make Lord Of The Flies.

Doctor S (mx) wrote: In the final analysis, I find it a little difficult of what to make exactly of my reactions to Little Children. While there are lots of little children populating the screen, the title refers to the behavior of the main characters who have trouble growing up and reconciling their wish-fulfillment fantasies with regards to their spouses, thereby being drawn towards having an affair that seems like salvation but is only a mirage. Kate Winslet puts on her best American accent, truly making me forget her point of origin, and really inhabits Sarah Pierce, an unhappily married and somewhat dumpy housewife looking for an escape from her mundane routine, the highlight being a daily walk with a kindly neighbor. Patrick Wilson very vividly creates the character of Brad Adamson, a stay-at-home dad who has twice failed the bar exam. He's something of a slacker and keeps trying to recapture the joys of his youth by watching skateboarders instead of studying for exam #3, and joining his cop friend's night touch football league. Other favorable performances come from Jennifer Connelly as Brad's wife who doesn't realize the effects of her offhand emasculating tendencies, leading to a great piece of silent acting when she detects a hint of sexual tension during a dinner party, and a small but hilarious bit from an unknown actor (perhaps Raymond J. Barry) as a wheelchair-bound football coach. The script is well-written with some choice profound and/or amusing anecdotes provided by a curious omniscient third-party voiceover, and rather bold in showing a world where having children can be a burden as much as a blessing. There are some strange developments though, particularly the extensive substory of a registered sex offender entering the community and Brad's disgraced cop buddy obsessed with tracking his every move. This pushes the film past a comfortable length without really adding much to the mix. As is, it is long but I did not get bored, as I was engaged by the performances, perceptive dialogue, and indeterminate progression towards an honest, fitting conclusion.

Oliver O (jp) wrote: the movie that teaches you that's it to fall in love with your stalker and why the hell did they to talk about this movie All That like it was a big thing

Gurp K (mx) wrote: shah rukh khan was so funny in this movie

m a (kr) wrote: if this movie did not have the nudity then it probaly would not of been worth seeing again after 20 years.i saw it at the theatre in 82 and was not old enough to see r rated movies.

Jenna I (br) wrote: Just a good movie, hard to say why. Elliott Gould and the strong ending basically made it for me. A real solid character piece.

Michael T (au) wrote: Betty Hutton took over for Judy Garland in MGM's super-production of the Broadway hit, and it's colorful, happy fun; director George Sidney never lets the action lag for very long, and brand new Metro star Howard Keel does well by the Irving Berlin tunes (he played the role on the London stage).

Matthew T (us) wrote: A horror masterpiece with stylish camera work, mind-blowing special effects, eerie yet beautiful musical pieces and the trademark atmosphere that made Fulci the master he is and always will be.

Christopher B (us) wrote: loved it, planning on seeing it twice.