Monica & David

Monica & David

Explores the marriage of a young couple with Down syndrome, and the family who strives to support their needs.

Explores the marriage the marriage of a young couple with Down syndrome, and the family who strives to support their needs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John S (it) wrote: The movie that tries to make the case that if women ran Wall Street, not much would be different.

Mark C (ca) wrote: Don't move your family to Manila, got it.

Markku R (ru) wrote: Above average story of Lennon's early days - some exaggeration and the actors do not much look like their objects, but good acting and all-around-good-job.

Matt G (gb) wrote: I really like this show both for racing and it also helped me out on my racing games on Xbox 360 for NFS ProStreet, NFS Most Wanted, NFS Carbon, Grid, (Forza Motorsport#1 & 2-these two games I drive a the same eight-six I even put the same decals on it as in the shows/movies), Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights.

Marcello A (br) wrote: La storia ha una base interessante, ma stato realizzato cos male, con attori cani che interpretano personaggi ridicoli. Effetti speciali brutti come il debito.

Andrew W (ag) wrote: Pretty good movie with a nice take on comedy.. Probably deserves a higher rating


Kyle M (ag) wrote: Same level, as well as good and funny, as any other Muppets family films. (B)(Full review coming soon - with better wording probably)

Christopher P (nl) wrote: Just a really good movie for kids. Touching, and has real topics.

Ivan B (jp) wrote: Vrlo cudna ali zanimljiva noir horor zajebancija o privatnom istrazitelju koji u post ratnom L.A.-u u kojem se svi koriste magijom od djece do konobara, trazi Necronomicon ilti knjigu mrtvih kako ne bi dospjela u krive ruke. Film ce posebno cjeniti bilo tko ko je imalo upoznat sa djelima H.P.Lovecrafta posto film vuce inspiraciju iz vise njegovih prica, a cak je i glavni lik nazvan po njemu

Shane C (nl) wrote: good mob thriller drama

Roland J (br) wrote: A pretty weird film, and Die Hard director John McTiernan's first effort as a director. The plot centres around Jean Claude Pommier (Brosnan) who is murdered in the beginning by the Nomads, supernatural creatures. But before he dies, he reveals what he knows to his doctor, played by Lesley-Anne Down, who then starts to relive Pommier's memories. Strange film but the "creatures" looks like many young people today, so the scary effect is not really there. The acting is not that great either, and it is not hard to understand why Lesley-Anne Down never became a box office superstar.

Chris S (kr) wrote: Compared to Citizen Kane, this is a terrible movie. Compared to other horror movies, it's still not very good. Yet you can't help warming to a film that includes a car chase that starts in the middle of the night and finishes in broad daylight thanks to lousy continuity! It also has a very funny "running" joke in respect of a jogger, and a cast that includes Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Vincent Price and The Amen Corner miming badly to their own theme tune! However, beware the version currently showing on Zone Horror in the UK, which actually cuts out the film's most notorious scene!

Greg W (ag) wrote: for the most part the brit film is fun and funny

Monic T (ca) wrote: The end was so sad but I liked, because it had a deep meaning.

Steven C (fr) wrote: This movie cracks me up