Monk Dawson

Monk Dawson

Monk Dawson is a film that was released in 1998, directed and produced by Tom Waller and starring John Michie, Benedict Taylor, Rhona Mitra and Paula Hamilton. It was based on the novel of the same name written by Piers Paul Read. The film is about Eddie Dawson, a monk who has led a sheltered existence at a Benedictine monastery, but when he is expelled from his order he has to learn to deal with the harsh realities of everyday life, including falling in love, and the betrayal of a friend.

Rites of passage moral tale based on the award-winning novel by Piers Paul Read, about a Catholic priest who falls from grace and descends into a world of forbidden love and betrayal in 1970's London. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Waleed A (ag) wrote: 1: boring. few fight scenes

Saad N (ca) wrote: You know a film is so devoid of life and existence when you just don't seem to care 15 minutes into it and storm out of the theatre during intermission. What the hell do es RGV actually think, if at all he does?

Guilherme J (nl) wrote: Mais uma atuao excelente de Saiorse Ronan em um filme que constri com especial cuidado uma atmosfera crescente de apocalipse. How I Live Now um filme inusitado, inesperado e surpreendente em diversos sentidos.

Matt H (mx) wrote: Decent thriller. Goes on a little too long. The gangster bosses were entertaining. The plot might be a little over complicated. Good stuff.

Alex J (fr) wrote: An amazingly well done documentary...but this could be due to my unwavering devotion to TMBG.Amazing extras for fans as well!

Lorri B (ru) wrote: hardcore movie but great

Nevin S (us) wrote: hmm.. nth too great.. felt that some of the short stories did not have a proper ending..

Karine L (au) wrote: Its my kind of movie definitively!

Billy C (gb) wrote: It could be an exciting and extraordinary movie, if the director and the script writer could put their focus on story-telling (not so straight forward) instead of the sexy actress (this movie might be better if it could put emphasis on her sexy body).

Vtor M (de) wrote: Uma critica contundente de Bunuel sociedade e religio espanholas dos 60s bem parecedia com a Portuguesa.

Laurent B (mx) wrote: Un concentr de ce qu'il y a de plus dtestable dans les found-footage : c'est trs mal flim, dsagrable cause de nombreuses coupures, des dialogues tout ce qu'il y a de moins intressants et qui plus est truffs tout le long de "fuck", "shit", "jesus christ", et surtout il ne se passe quasiment rien...

Chrissie M (ag) wrote: Best Movie! Favorite of all it has John Wayne and that makes it all good!