Sarah Good is a 14 year old American girl and a talented show jumper. Therefore, no one understands why she suddenly loses control of her horse at a show, and badly injures herself. Sarah herself knows why she fell. In the middle of her jump she had a vision of her long lost grandmother Gudrun Schillingmeyer saying good bye. At the same time an old lady is put to rest in Norway. Gudrun lived a long and colored life. Now she follows her daughter Svanhild to her final resting place. What is the connection with Sarah's fear of horses? Sarah knows that she has to get back on her horse, but how? She will find her answer in a remote part of Norway.

Sarah Good is a 14 year old American girl and a talented show jumper. Therefore, no one understands why she suddenly loses control of her horse at a show, and badly injures herself. Sarah ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John D (fr) wrote: Least Among Saints is a powerful emotionally moving story about a veteran dealing with the trauma of war and finding a purpose to go on and in the process finds healing. The acting is excellent. The directing is dead on and the cinematography serves the movie well. I highly recommend this movie

Sophie (kr) wrote: In some ways this film was refreshing as it is a realistic look into life. There was one scene where I felt the real emotions of an individual going through a painful experience. The issue in this film is that its a struggle, Sam is struggling with his weight and wants to get fit and healthy. We don't actually feel the emotions that is common with feeling defeated by facing up to the fact that you've let yourself and your body fall by the wayside. You are told, Sam in an overwhelmed state declares he's sick of being overweight and wants to lose it. This is such a generic expression, we all say it all the time. Then he progresses to making a bet with his mates to who can loose the most weight. Joins a gym and gets poorly guided by an instructor who seems to be trying to push for the unconventional trainer type, thus beginning the journey like thousands of others are doing. This story introduces us to one diminutional characters that don't promote any connection and are lacking in depth. Leaving everything in the film very flat and uninspiring.

Charlie G (us) wrote: Really funny sequel!

Ercides R (us) wrote: Filme estilo sesso da tarde que diverte.

Claire Camba M (de) wrote: i like this 1 too!it's just great one!

John M (nl) wrote: A nice straight to dvd movie. Paid nice homage to the original. This was a sequel and not a remake and did really nothing to diminish the original movie.

Abigail C (es) wrote: I don't like Duff, but it sounds pretty good.

Kayla S (ru) wrote: Its cute. ok. Mandy moore is awesome. She always seems to play the love stricken character

Alex B (it) wrote: A clash of artistic styles/movements--socialist realism (radical, revolutionary, populist, working-class), vaudeville (conservative, reactionary, populist), (neo-)classical (conservative, reactionary, elitist, ruling-class), and abstract--and their relation to the class struggle.

Aliraa K (au) wrote: very Nice movie ivy 1

Thomas P (it) wrote: On of the best 70s films ever it was funny and sad and the acting was perfect

Haley A (es) wrote: The book was better.

Stanley C (br) wrote: The wrong choice of cinema to anyone who is looking for a movie that has dynamic characterization and original fresh story concepts which not even Harrison Ford himself can morally embrace, unless you don't care about that OR you're the obese racist ultranationalist greedy evil pig Donald Trump who, as Harrison Ford complained, can't figure out that it was just a movie and not a 2-hour slice of reality.

Adam S (kr) wrote: It's far from a bad movie, and it has somehow become a highly-remembered erotic thriller. Perhaps mostly for THAT scene with Sharon Stone in the interrogation chair, but still."Basic Instinct" is the story of a detective investigating a novelist who wrote about a murder in a novel, before that exact murder was carried out on her bedroom partner. As the damaged detective and the manipulative suspect begin their game of cat-and-mouse, they begin to start a sexual relationship, with both parties thinking that they are playing the other.The cast is very strong, with a number of 90's mainstays including Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Wayne Knight. All of the actors are on point, and seem realistically involved in the multiple erotic scenes (which kind of disturbing, come to think of it, but it works for the film).There are problems with this film, there's no denying. There's plot elements designed purely as media talking points (lesbian relationships, Sharon Stone crossing her legs). But overall, this is a fairly gripping thriller without an immediately obvious ending, which is a positive.3 and a half stars.

Michael W (jp) wrote: It had its charms. At times I wanted to like it, to be able to give it a three stars rating even, but any time I remember any scene with "Mr. Funktastic" I insist on the demotion to 2.5 stars tops.