Monster Ark

Monster Ark

This is film-making of the shoddiest and laziest sort. Every scene is a showcase for the writer/director's ignorance. O'Brien is completely unfamiliar with science. He knows nothing of how scientists talk, how they analyze, how they approach discovery. He is completely ignorant of how military personnel think, how they process situations, how they act, and how they carry themselves. O'Brien even misses the most basic tenets of Christianity.

Archaeologist Nicholas Zavatero and his student find a vase with antique inscription on where Noah's Ark is hidden in the underlying monster called Tama. They decide to go looking, but things get out of control. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joseph M (es) wrote: One of the few sensible movies made locally..

Emmanuel F (mx) wrote: Je suis pass ct. Pourquoi pas faire un film sur le sujet de la modification du comportement d'un individu quand il est intgr un groupe... Ok. Mais l pffff. Tout a pour a, tous ces dialogues insupportables. Difficile d'avoir de la sympathie pour "beaugosse" mme quand il baisse enfin sa garde.

Kyle B (de) wrote: This is a beautifully shot piece of art. My favorite thing about The Golden Door is the absence of the American styled conversations. They only say what needs to be said, the rest is the universal reading of facial expressions and the importance of family.

kiley d (jp) wrote: would every bad critic give everyone who had a say in delgo just leave them alone! Yes it is one of my favorite movies (yes people that had to do with delgo including the guy who played as elder marley (may you rest in peace), there are people no matter how few actually love and i mean love this movie)! And what i think makes no sense what so ever is that people say its 2-D! Do they even know what to 2-D is?! Let me tell them, 2-d is when the characters are paper thin and they don't have any sides only a front and a back. In delgo, when people turn they are NOT paper thin!!!!! So give them a break on that! Do I think that they should have done some things differently? Yes I do but I don't go screaming at them saying how terrible it was because of it! I watched the movie with the directors explaining everything and they said they cut a few scenes down a little bit. Yes I would have liked being able to see Zahn and the shoulder try to put up a fight before we just see Zahn tied up. Also I for one think that the Queen was one of the best designed characters! I love all the color of her outfit, her hair and just everything about her. Also I think she should have had more screen time and actually talk instead of just gasping when Sedesa kills her. Its also such a sham about the guy who played as elder marley! I mean its a sham for anyone to go like that but a 55 year old?! I thought it was awesome how much marley looked like him! I think my favorite scene was when Delgo and Kyla escaped Sedesa's castle through those huge beautiful glass doors. I mean anyone who complains about the animation, its hard (well for me at least) to even not smile almost every time i look at them. I know this is a shocker to hundreds of people (especially reviewing this movie) but I want there to be a second one!

Kayla H (gb) wrote: An amazing movie that demonstrates just what can stem out from horrible actions.

ChadPoop G (au) wrote: Before this film, people probably thought Carol Burnett was just a Comedy Genius, we were wrong!!! I was very moved!!!

Johnny L (ag) wrote: 16/09/04: Rewatched this classic start to finish, and was still as entertaining as when I first watched and had no idea what double down meant. May seem dated to the younger generation, but since chokers are coming back, there may be some semblance of fashion.

Tanner B (ag) wrote: Jaws: The Revenge (1987) C-89m. ?? D: Joseph Sargent. Lorraine Gary, Michael Caine, Lance Guest. Sorry entry in this worn-out series has wife of Chief Brody (-that's Roy Scheider) becoming obsessed with the assumption that the shark is directly after her. Why Micheal Caine desired to tag along is as big a question as to how Mrs. Brody has flashbacks from the first movie--where, if you can remember, she wasn't even present! Trite, dumb, idiotic.

Anil T (kr) wrote: pretty tedious crime thriller starring Tom Berenger and Billy Dee williams about a serial killer who is a martial arts expert and is targeting strippers. There is a substantial amount of nudity as a lot of the film takes place in strip clubs. One thing of note, this film also features a very young and hot Melanie Griffith. This was directed by Abel Ferrara who has made some pretty good films (Bad Lieutenant, King of New York, Ms. 45) to name a few, but this is pretty ho-hum.

Johnathon W (ca) wrote: Solid sequel to the horror classic that falls apart a bit in the third act but still a worthy addition to the franchise. The returning cast continue their fine work from the first film, with Ashley Laurence giving Kirsty the same intelligence & bravery that makes her one of the best heroines of the genre while Clair Higgins relishes getting to play Julia as a full on villain this time. The standout, of course, is the great Doug Bradley (finally credited as Pinhead) who establishes his character as one of movies great monsters. He gets a nice run for his money, though, with Kenneth Cranham in his chilling performance as Dr. Channard (his line "To think, I hesitated" is one of the creepiest of the series). Behind the camera, director Tony Randel does a good job expanding the universe (the fact the Cenobites were once human & they're are rules to Hell are a nice touch) but it isn't completely realized (Hell is just a maze with a bunch of empty hallways). The final act ignores many of the rules previously established & the Cenobites get short-changed. Overall, a very good horror film and solid sequel to the classic original.

Dave J (nl) wrote: Tuesday april 6, 2010(1981) The Dogs of WarWAR/ DRAMA One of the best Christopher Walken film as a first starring role, as it's extremely tense and fast pace, perhaps the most realistic in terms of mercenaries for hire based on the novel by Frederick Forsythe. Walken as Jamie recruits 3 other men including Tom Berenger for a dangerous mission on some remate in Africa. After the film had been over, I wanted to see more and was disappointed that was all there was. Ed O Neil of Modern Family and Married With Children fame has a small role as a mechanic.I feel this movie is also a bases for "Rambo: First Blood Part II" and "The Expendables" 3.5 out of 4 stars