Monster High: 13 Wishes

Monster High: 13 Wishes

It’s a new school year at Monster High™, and the little sister of Clawdeen Wolf™, Howleen, is determined to be more fangtastic than ever. Her dream of popularity turns out to be easier than anyone imagined when she stumbles upon a genie named Gigi Grant™ who grants her not 3, but 13 Wishes! But the ghouls quickly learn to be s-careful what you wish for because each wish comes with a dark side, and soon the student disem-body of Monster High™ is turned upside-down! Join Frankie Stein™, Clawdeen Wolf™, Draculaura™ and the rest of their creeperiffic ghoulfriends as they journey deep inside the magic lantern to save the very soul of Monster High™… while flashing their killer style every step of the way!

The film tells a story of Howleen who is a little girl learns at Monster High. She meets a genie out of the blue so she has a chance to make her dream come true. She is granted 13 wishes but each wish comes with a dark side. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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joel v (kr) wrote: This was a very good movie; once again the critics are way off base; it doesn't turn out very well as we all know, but the story is a very good one.

Nilanjana R (jp) wrote: If you were expecting masala Bollywood with raunchy heroines,sleazy underground mafia dons and song dance sequences every half hour you will be very disappointed.The script ,the photography ,the editing all come as a very pleasant surprise not to mention the heroine in very traditional saree,as we all know sarees can be worn/not as the case may be in different ways ,most of them not traditional,but I deviate.The film is a visual treat for its sheer attention to detail without losing focus and for its skilful adaptation of Last Leaf by O Henry though I didnot see it mentioned in the acknowledgements.In complete contrast to the rest ,this film is soft subtle romantic and achingly beautiful.A must-see,my friends.

Spookie M (nl) wrote: A fascinating documentary with lots of twists and turns.

Paul C (gb) wrote: Although in subtitle form, this was one of the best films of its genre. The central character in the film Michiel shows that in wartime, trust can often be misplaced, and disappointment in some can lead to feelings of pride later.

Slothbear T (ru) wrote: An odd one. It's good its and yet pretty bad at the same time. Cruddy CG didn't help, as well as an ending that happened within the credits. Gordon Liu is hardcore as usual, and the action was decent, but there are definitley some better martial horrors out there.

Kelli B (fr) wrote: I wish I could get that time back.

Afonso S (ca) wrote: Funny and Dramatic. Is American Society still like this? If some kids are lucky to have someone like Destiny show up in their lives like India did I'm sure it isn't.

Talyn M (jp) wrote: One of the few horse-centered films I can stand.

Lyric B (ca) wrote: One of the funniest movies ever made! The acting is great, the timing is impeccable, the story is funny and complicated enough to keep the laughs coming. Probably many of these actors best performances.

Jared P (ru) wrote: A great example of what not to do with a sequel to a classic action flick.

Jason M (ag) wrote: Strange movie... Seems to achieve quite a high rating with some here.. or maybe I just don't understand what's happening here.

Alex D (it) wrote: such a creative film

Tom D (es) wrote: Charles Bronson looks like he is having a great time in the lead role. There are several exciting scenes in this movie. Bronson is made for the lead role, the whole picture depends on him.

Chad C (de) wrote: Cheesy? Yes. Dialogue? Non exisistant. Never the less I was entertained. The fight scenes were good. It is rewatchable. Some movies you don't go into expecting alot and if you accept that then this movie can entertain