Monster High: Boo York, Boo York

Monster High: Boo York, Boo York

The ghouls are taking a bite out of Boo York! The De Niles are hoping to meet their dynastic destiny and carve out a new empire, while Catty Noir is trying to find her music. Together the ghouls are taking Boo York by storm.

The ghouls are taking a bite out of Boo York! The De Niles are hoping to meet their dynastic destiny and carve out a new empire, while Catty Noir is trying to find her music. Together the ghouls are taking Boo York by storm. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Monster High: Boo York, Boo York torrent reviews

Sarah O (fr) wrote: I'm sorry to all who liked it, but before you accurately review it, please actually read the book. The plot line very rarely kept with the book and the ending was the stupidest thing I've seen. It made absolutely no sense. Sure, it might have had a good message for children, blah blah blah, but if Disney Channel wants to make a movie off of a book, they need to do it justice, not just steal the name and the very very very base idea. I was extremely disappointed in this movie. If you haven't read it, you might be able to sit through the B- acting and mess of logic behind the plot. If you have, do not watch it. If you must, be prepared for disappointment.

Sa23744hotmailcom S (ag) wrote: Akira Nakao, Aya Enjji, Aya Enyoji Centers on a talentless-but-dedicated painter named Machisu who, with the support of his long-suffering wife, continues pursuing his dream as an artist despite his lack of success.

Bill M (es) wrote: Great Movie, Original and hilarious, a great buy. Good 4 Any Smoker

Charles G (it) wrote: If I knew Chinese would have probably liked better. But I found it an interesting film. Makes one think about why persons respond the way they do, often not even in their best interests.

Katherine R (kr) wrote: I like this movie because it has dancing and singing init.

Rania A (jp) wrote: The female version of Big. I loved this as a teen and still like it now! A great chick-flick

JD M (ag) wrote: Great movie. My mom was mad when she found out that I saw it, but it was a great action movie

Adam R (ag) wrote: There are some glimpses at a unique artist, but too much of the film is focused on a bad romance story. It's very graphic too. (First and only viewing - 1/15/2016)

Brad D (ag) wrote: I'm your huckleberry

Melanie D (it) wrote: If you can, for 2 whole hours, look past and/or stomach non-American Sean Connery's role as an American who literally bad-mouths every single thing that has to do with his home country here, the USA, and in turn praises every single thing that has to do with Japan and it's 'far superiority' to the USA, to the point where he cowardly and jellyfish-spinedly kisses the ass of every single Japanese character and condescends to every single (inferior, stupid, worthless, clearly corrupt if they're American) American character in this film right before your very eyes, then this is an ok little thriller, but his patriotically heroic tough-guy James Bond days are long gone! Why not simply title this racist piece, "Kill Whitey"? Catchy, true to sentiment and doesn't mince words.

Marc L (us) wrote: En digne representant du "Nouveau cinema allemand", Volker Schlondorff ne considerait pas son travail comme un simple divertissement mais comme une oeuvre militante, sensee faire reflechir sur la societe et sur l'histoire. A travers l'histoire etrange de ce petit garcon qui refuse de grandir en reaction a la folie du monde qui l'entoure, c'est un (sombre) demi-siecle d'histoire allemande qui est passe au crible, de la montee du militarisme puis de l'ideologie nazie jusqu'a leur destruction finale. On peut concevoir "Le tambour" comme une allegorie de cette epoque, dans lequel l'etrangete croissante du cheminement d'Oskar repond a la derive grandissante de la psyche allemande. Inevitablement, on detectera une certaine "pose" dans la maniere de disseminer tout au long du film des symboles plus ou moins inspires, ainsi que dans la presence de ces quelques sequences dont on se demande si leur unique raison d'etre n'etait pas choquer la morale des annees 70. Pourtant, "Le tambour" fonctionne sans qu'il soit necessaire de l'intellectualiser a outrance. Ses metaphores les plus saillantes (le "cri" qui alerte face a la derive morale de la nation, la nature d'avorton d'Oskar dans un systeme qui glorifie la puissance,...) sont aisement perceptibles et le film, dans son entierete, baigne dans une atmosphere absurde et semi-onirique dont le sens du grotesque, maitrise et justifie par la cruaute de l'environnement, exerce une incontestable fascination.

monsieur r (gb) wrote: A huge cinematic experience the likes I haven't seen for years. While difficult to decipher Burton's rants, one can see that this is no ordinary cinema experience. This is huge. Richard Burton again gives a performance that no one, and I mean nobody today can come close. Peter Firth, a 17 year old deeply disturbed boy is the object of intense scrutiny by psychiatrist Burton. But it becomes clear that the doctor and the patient are at odds to the point that one wonders just which is the doctor or the patient. The use of horses in this odd and outrageous psychopathic thriller is beguilling. I have to admit I got lost several times along the way just trying to understand this Ulysees voyage into the mind. Both Burton and young Firth were nominated for there performances at the Oscars and rightly so. This is a film that will forever shock and cause endless questions. I would like anyone to watch this film and get back to me. It is a truely out of body experience that drains and invigorates the senses. I think I just witnessed a film that is so far beyond my comprehension I cannot review it with any justice. I will say this, in 1977 it was very ahead of its time as the nude scenes will illustrate.

Eduardo L (de) wrote: 11-25-2014.Original rating: 4/5, 2-20-2008.

Joshua D (kr) wrote: "A gay man with power? Now that's dangerous."Milk is an incredibly moving portrait of a brave man who had a sad ending. The film is a testament to men like Harvey and they couldn't have found a better man to play him than Sean Penn.

Bruno V (ag) wrote: Some funny stuff , but not realy a comedy ...but fun to watch . Good one !