Monster High: Escape from Skull Shores

Monster High: Escape from Skull Shores

It's officially Spring Break at Monster High, and Lagoona takes her gilfriends across the sea to the Great Barrier Reef, but they are ship wrecked and end up on a mysterious skull shaped island. Here they enjoy the local hospitality until they realize that they are being used by a slippery showman named Farnum to lure the rarest, most mysterious monster of them all, "the Beast" into a trap. Frankie is taken by the Beast but tables turn and she ends up rescuing him and returning with him to Monster High. The story goes to high voltage when they realize that Frankie has inadvertently led Farnum to the location of the greatest gathering of monsters anywhere...Monster High.

Lagoona Blue and her friends decides to have interesting adventure in the Great Barrier Reef. Unfortunately, their ship is sunk and they must enjoy their holiday on a mysterious island. What is waiting for them on the strange place? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Monster High: Escape from Skull Shores torrent reviews

Martin J (gb) wrote: watchable.nothing too exciting. that is all

Juliano K (ru) wrote: great mood to watch on ur birthday. and it even relieves the fear of Tia Sida!!!and its real!!!! =)

Peter I (jp) wrote: Worst film in the history of cinema. Pure poo

Mandy T (de) wrote: It's on tv tonight, so I'll give it a shot.

Jonathan T (kr) wrote: Who the F*@k has been on my profile

Cody C (mx) wrote: Starts off well and then gets really bad. Really wanted to like this because I love Drop Dead Fred, same director. Unfortunately it's a miss.

Jessica H (de) wrote: Goldie and Mel make a great couple and team on the film.

Erik L (kr) wrote: Another really good movie from Walter Hill. It's a modern-day western. Walter Hill is one of my favorite genre directors, and he does a great job of bringing the genre conventions of the western into modern times.

John O (mx) wrote: Controversial Oscar winning comedy film (Best Supporting Actress- Lee Grant) that has good performances, but it will not stand the test of time for these simple facts: it drags on, it's kind of boring, and it's stupid.

Robert W (ca) wrote: An aging samurai, Isaburo, rebels against the unreasonable orders of his lord. The outcome is inevitable, of course, but this is an interesting study of free will and having the courage to buck the ruling elite.

Risya H (ru) wrote: It has fine Film-Noir touches especially the atmospheric visuals highlight however it wasn't particularly gripping and the plot were hard to follow that ultimately end-up anticlimactic.

Nadia S (au) wrote: favorite movie of all time. filled with emotion and hope. I only wish I could see it in theaters now.

Frances H (jp) wrote: Great acting by Carey and MacGregor in a rather lighthearted and funny telling of a story based on true events. Very entertainsing.

(mx) wrote: This movie is actually not that bad. I was surprised that the rating for me was low. Monster movies are not my type of movies but this one delivered it well it didn't feel childish.

Jonathan M (us) wrote: I would definitely say this movie is a must watch. You enjoy all of the actors and you appreciate the directing and quality throughout the whole film. The movie was long but if anything I wanted the movie to be longer.