Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef

Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef

When the ghouls get pulled into the school pool, they find themselves transported to a world of coral and florals, a wild underwater wonderland! But Lagoona realizes she’s come home and, in a fintastic mission of the heart, decides to come to terms with her own freaky flaws. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef torrent reviews

Natasha S (nl) wrote: .wow lop, but the wHmmmm,,bnmcm.jrtrrr

Laure E (es) wrote: un film poignant et (C)mouvant, une B.O extraordinaire avec notamment une superbe version de "Nothing else matters" (altos + violons) sur la dernire scne du film.

Kathleen W (ca) wrote: This film shouldn't be engaging because we've seen it all before. Rough bad guy moves in, has a soft gentle side, everyone learns to love again. What worked was that Hesher wasn't just a bad guy - he was unpredictable and dangerous from start to finish. At no point did we trust him -- even when he cared he could still go too far, turn from fun to deadly. I don't know if I liked that but it kept me watching and nervous. Shame Natalie Portman was wasted on a nothing '''girl''' character.

Thomas W (it) wrote: A relatively boring, quirky comedy. I had a very difficult time believing any of this movie -- the situations, the dialogue or the characters. I understand the point and the premise of the movie ... but these were not the characters to center something like this around because they were a whole lot of talk. I didn't believe any of it ... and for a situation like this to work, the characterizations must be convincing. The acting by the two male leads was passable; but there was nothing great here (some of their "bonding" moments were down-right boring). Alycia Delmore (who played the wife of one of the two men) was pretty dismal. She had a couple of scenes near the end of the film that worked; but some of her reactions were on par with the "shock" in Paranormal Activity -- staged and rehearsed. This is definitely not worth a watch.

Ron C (gb) wrote: so bad soooooo bad first 20 minutes very good and then it get worst and worst .

Gabo A (jp) wrote: Poignant. From one of the greatest living directors around.

Sally L (gb) wrote: This film is soo good I know it word for word scene by scene , Emily Lloyd is brilliant. Loved the scene in the Paris Tearoomsxx

Net S (us) wrote: Queitly disturbing. A quality French horror. Its not all in your face, seeds are cleverly planted which let your mind fill in the gaps...go as far as you allow yourself....

jake S (mx) wrote: Horrible. Best thing about this movie was the South Park parody.

Martha Marty Hughen R (us) wrote: Dull, dull, dull. After the first hour I just did not care. Flat, predictable performances, silly and pretentious romance plot. Cruz and the old bird who played her aunt irritated me to no end. No idea what the point to this story and film actually was.

J P Don T (fr) wrote: Bom filme, mas muda o ritmo. seria melhor seguir o ritmo terror do final e sem a macaca falante. Bruce Campbell deveria ter tido um papel maior

Murray S (au) wrote: Ray Winstone is the star turn in this brutal comedy. Laughs a plenty as Winstone doles out vicious beatings and Crissy Rock has all her kids put in care. Why did I watch this? Why do I ever taking viewing advice from my brother? He likes this depressing gritty stuff - eurgh!!!3 stars for Ray tho - he never disappoints!!!!

Kyle W (au) wrote: 80s, tits, bad acting, and gruesome murder. These are the ingredients for a fun Saturday morning flick.

Allan C (us) wrote: I love Robert Benton films, but this is one of his weaker films. It's a clear homage to the films of Hitchcock, with Meryl Streep taking on the Grace Kelly icy blond role. It's not a bad film, but it's rather lifeless, has a lot of plot holes, and is not all that suspenseful. Watch a Brian DePalma film like "Dressed to Kill" or "Obsession" for better, more original and more suspenseful Hitchcock homages.

John P (nl) wrote: I wasn't a part of the times covered in this, nor was I around for the music (my only exposure to it being through my parents), but there's still some great music on display, and the animation complements it well.This story could have been told through live-action, but I'm a sucker for animated films not about talking/singing animals, or wide-eyed, effeminate dudes swinging swords and yelling.This is a really fun work of art, and I heartily recommend it. Not all Ralph Bakshi movies date well (the rotoscoping techniques on display here don't really stand the test of time), but it's a good watch with some suspension of disbelief.

Chriss M (es) wrote: EDIT: OHHHHH. He's TRUE LOVE! Riiiight, makes MUCH more sense now. Man, Pasolini's amazing. No rating. Need to rewatch.**************************** I had waited a long time to see this film, and with huge anticipation. I suppose it never was going to live up to my expectations... Teorema is almost indecipherably obtuse. There is no apparent motif that links the themes together. Christianity, Marxism? These two concepts should, and do, oppose each other wholly and entirely. But from what I can make of Teorema, Pasolini wants to reconcile and conflate them. That is, at least, the reigning theory; but even at this, there are scenes that conflict this particular idea- like, uh, homosexuality, adultery, etc. I guess the argument against that is that these acts are metaphorical of Christ entering the lives of these bourgeois people. Even if this is the message of the movie, it's sort of sloppily done. How each character deals with the epiphany they have after their confrontation with 'Christ' is all again incredibly oblique. It just doesn't seem to fit. But no less, I like movies that are hugely convoluted. And I like the look of the movie: it looks sort of plain 'n all, but there's just something there that's quite alluring. Silvana Mangano is very beautiful in the film too, can't ignore that. And now, at the risk of sounding like a philistine, I believe Takashi Miike used Pasolini's structure and narrative far more effectively. Yeah, I think Visitor Q is a better movie. But I will watch this again sometime, and I'll rewrite this review too.

Juliano K (au) wrote: A great movie!! nic nice!

Maurcio V (de) wrote: surpreendente que um filme baseado nos momentos que antecederam a crise financeira de 2008 possa ser to eletrizante. "Margin Call" traz um elenco em tima forma e o roteiro (indicado ao Oscar 2012) constri um cenrio apocalptico do tema, evidenciando a sensao do desastre que est por acontecer. Muito bom!

Johnny B (es) wrote: What a GREAT movie. Great script, great characters, great visuals & great acting!

Jaime G (us) wrote: Supongo que Scott no se habr sentido muy comodo al hacer este filme. Es d (C)bil y carente de nervio.