Monster High: Haunted

Monster High: Haunted

Lurk what's waiting for the Monster High ghouls when they bring their killer fashion to the howlways of the spooktacular Haunted High! When the ghouls of Monster High follow Spectra Vondergeist one day, they discover a creeperiffic Ghost World with an all-spirit school. But their scary-cute student bodies are hardly welcome with the very strict Principal Revenant, and she punishes Spectra with frightful detention chains that prevent her from re-joining Monster High. Now, it's up to the imperfectly perfect friends to take on ghostly forms in order to save one of their own from disappearing forever!

When the halls of Monster High exhibit strange phenomena, the ghoulfriends take on ghostly forms in order to save one of their own from disappearing forever! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Liam M (gb) wrote: Equal parts contemporary thriller as it is totally fucked in the head! This is a rare blend of guts and brain, subverting your expectations at every corner. The script can't help but slip into tried and tested horror ever once in a while but it's a small price to pay for genuine, unbridled terror!

NintendoJackson (it) wrote: It had some good scars it was pretty scary if I do say so my self but it's a little meat up the story line I mean it's just I'm not sure skip this review

David J (nl) wrote: I actually enjoyed the film very much, and I can't understand the sneers over it, except perhaps to say that the Aryan killers in the beginning were not nearly as scary as they probably would'a, could'a, should'a been.I think the casting is solid, as the actors are all very natural and fit very effortlessly into their roles, with the possible exception of the particularly good-looking actors, inasmuch as good-looking actors generally do tend to have a harder time breaking out of the mindset of being hot on camera, and just loosening up and having some degree of neurotic flaw. The camerawork is very good -- lots of appropriate cuts and movements across the sets, and there's just the right richness of contrast between dark shadows and bright white spots to make it definitely feel cinema-quality. Michael Ironside still masterfully holds up his end of every scene in this film, as he's always done in everything I've ever seen him in, and I particularly like this film's showing me a lot of fresh and unique new faces instead of the same ones we've all seen a thousand times already.Yes, I suppose you could say that there is derivation from a movie like The Thing in this film, but it's only of the most incidental sort. After all, it's set in the arctic, and things are naturally going to freeze there. Get over it -- there's more to this film than just that.Anyhow, I say it's a good, solid piece of filmmaking. Get off your high horse and give it a try.

Sandy K (nl) wrote: A documentary giving us a close-up view of 3 teenaged boys' lives in a small Midwestern town as they struggle through the debilitating challenges of poverty, isolation, and an unstable home. Two of the three boys frighteningly carry their pain in undisguised rage like ticking time bombs -- yet the source of their pain evokes tremendous sympathy. The third boy's situation is especially heartbreaking because he remains unfailingly optimistic and loyal to his parents despite their complete inability to provide even the most basic support for the family. There's no big "moral to the story" presented here; just an unvarnished look at the lives of three boys and how the deck is stacked against them.

Alyan H (au) wrote: Very well done flick.. George clooney kicked butt

Christian G (es) wrote: Un documental muy entretenido aunque un poco mal dirigido, pero el contenido logra que pases por alto las serias deficiencias tcnicas del director y del editor.

Scott R (es) wrote: Thought provoking and insightful.

Beth B (de) wrote: A decent movie I guess. It was entertaining enough but seemed mediocre. I guess when it comes to movies like this it is best to just read the novel and play a much better film in your own mind.

Tabitha T (fr) wrote: Horrible... The worst ending ever!!

Charles C (ag) wrote: Rubbish watched the first two parts on netflix, the whole thing is bollocks.

Queen M (nl) wrote: Spiritually moving!I cried...lots

Julie R (fr) wrote: It was a good comedy. Really funny in some parts in others not so much. But I liked it all in all. Not a bad film.

Christopher S (gb) wrote: An adequate film but nowhere near as good as Michael Crichton's novel which it was adapted from. While Philip Kaufman is a good director, I feel he did not match the intensity of the novel and did not depict well the tension between US authorities in Los Angeles and the Japanese businessmen who took hostile takeovers in the US to another level. Kaufman tried like hell to portray it but he did not do so well. Sean Connery was very good as the Japanese expert John Connor but Wesley Snipes was miscast as Web Smith. Harvey Keitel was excellent and he helped to save this film from being a total disaster but this film adaptation could have been so much better.

William K (ru) wrote: An excellent movie, with 4 Oscar winners, and a great screen play. This film illustrates the power of the written word, books and letters...perhaps more poignant in today's electronic age than it was in 1986. Book lovers and fans of great performances will enjoy this platonic, long distance relationship, spanning 40 years. An added benefit: Great supporting parts featuring Ian McNeice and Connie Booth (of Monty Python fame).

Lucas Augusto C (mx) wrote: Woody Allen overflows genius in "Broadway Danny Rose". An incredibly wise comedy, while at the same time philosophical and romantic, the story of the developing agent Danny Rose, who does everything and is dedicated to the maximum to their artists. Footless dancers, one-armed jugglers, ventriloquists stutterers, among others, Danny always tries to do everything, but he is confident in its most precious asset, singer Lou Canova, drunk and moody. Danny tries to do everything to achieve convincing lover Lou, Tina, to go to their show of nostalgia. The story may seem weak, but the film is really exciting, captivating and strong. Woody Allen offers the most both in script and in direction, acting brilliantly alongside Mia Farrow, Nick Forte to Appolo. "Broadway Danny Rose" is a show that never ends. Fantastic!

Jens R (de) wrote: For starters this film was not made in 1984 but in 1979. Is that important? Yes, it is! The year 1979 a new wave of even nastier Italian exploitation films kicked off with the advent of Cannibal Holocaust. The following year, came Lucio Fulci's City of the Living Dead. These three films are arguably some of the nastiest, greasiest and most deranged films in history.Buio Omega may not have as much gore as the other two, but the gore it does have is equally realistic to the other two; it does have that kind of snuff movie feel to it. Joe D'Amato's cinematography feels very real, at times like a snuff movie, and at other times, totally unreal even otherworldly and poetic in a weird, delirious kind of way.The story is simple; a rich, young taxidermist, digs up his deceased girlfirend's corpse, to stuff it and keep it in his house. However, things go wrong as a succesion of characters go into his house and stumble upon the corpse and thus forces him to kill them, in oh-so-nasty ways!Buio Omega is twisted, demented and sick as hell. Some scenes push the limits of what you can bear to watch. What makes the film watchable is the creepy almost gothic atmosphere, and the goregous, quaint small town, alpine setting, as well as the prominent theme of an unholy menage-a-trois with the maid, the protagonist and the dead girlfiriend. Buio Omega is very much a Joe D'Amato film, and for those well versed in the world of exploitation, know that you have to be a bit fucked in the head to enjoy a Joe D'Amato movie. Buio Omega is not on par with Amato's sleazy, lyrical masterpiece Emanuelle & The Last Cannibals. It lacks that laid back, greasy 70s exploitation smoothness. This is a more abrasive ride! For those willing to delve into something this misanthropic and downright bleak, it is an interesting viewing experience.The Goblin soundtrack is kind of frenetic and psycho and helps a lot to keep up the pace of the film.

Marilyn P (it) wrote: Creepy British Horror movie well worth watching !!

Michael W (es) wrote: Dark and gritty, disturbing and depressing, this is one of the best films I have seen in a while!

Cody Y (us) wrote: Possibly my favorite film. Certainly in the top 5.

Brett B (ag) wrote: better than number 2 and funnier