Monster in a Box

Monster in a Box

This is the story of Spalding Gray and his attempt to write a novel. It is a first person account about writing and living, and dealing with success while trying to be successful.

This is the story of Spalding Gray and his attempt to write a novel. It is a first person account about writing and living, and dealing with success while trying to be successful. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul K (au) wrote: Not Hollywood, but LA anyway, so fairly close. More interesting that Saving Mr Banks, this is slightly weird and while it's been described as a comedy I thought it was anything but. Much better than I expected. Annette Bening is great in this movie. Explores some interesting issues around the nature of love despite its implausible premise. A small role for Robin Williams in one of the last few films he appeared in.

Matina V (au) wrote: can i put 0???? it was stupid. no drama, no romance, no horror. just stupid! waste of time!

Andrew R (nl) wrote: I could so relate to this movie on SO many levels.

Chris G (us) wrote: Great gore, bad movie.

Gregory C (ru) wrote: maybe not a great film but worth watching for the amazing photography. 39 shots in 145 minutes. think about that.

Diana L (de) wrote: Not a fantastic movie, it has several production mistakes, but I love it, its hard and realistic

Brian P (ag) wrote: It was funny when Wesley punched her in the face haha

Brian M (br) wrote: This a an excellent character study that is paced perfectly. The ending is very original and gives the movie its "wow" factor.

Kevin W (ru) wrote: In the beginning stages of watching this movie I could not get my myself attached to the movie. The lack of Asian actors in any of the main or substantial roles was an immediate turnoff. As the further along I watched I was starting to understand probably around that time the English language was still difficult for many of the Chinese to command, not just the fact that Hollywood of course was still operating under a bias and racist platform in the purest of form. I started to engaged in the story of a family whose love and loyalty toward not just each other but to the entire Chinese culture are being tested during the Japanese attacks pre WW2. Look past the odd makeup and get ups and one can see the acting by Hepburn and Huston along with others was adequate. This film does not have a standard to say for Hepburn to excel in this role. It does not call for her to shine because the story does not fit with her best qualities as an actress.

Luciano G (br) wrote: The writing is by no means original or inspired, it's a basic 'join the dots' recipe with a low budget but director Robert Crombie has still put together a watchable thriller that's been nicely filmed on location with decent acting....a good 'B' movie...

T W (ag) wrote: If you don't fall asleep or punch yourself in the face, this film is strangely compelling and actually pretty funny.

Tyler R (fr) wrote: I really liked it. The reviews were terrible but the movie was exactly what I thought it would be. There was very realistic car crashes and the movies simple plot moved at a very quick pace. The acting was ok but in terms of being entertained it worked.

Mark James A (ru) wrote: This was rather a lazy production. Even with great cast this film just drifted away and turned incomprehensible, as if nothing ever really happened even though the film is over two hours long.

Russell S (it) wrote: An especially stunning movie first time around, exploring some great psychological concepts and ideas. However, it's length is oddly a little off-putting on subsequent viewings which is probably why I've only seen it about 3 times since it's release.A truly great movie though, which criss- crosses through genre's of psychological thriller, science fiction, tragedy and action.

Tor M (es) wrote: The story of a British painter born late into the 1700's. He lives quite isolated. His father is one of few friends, other people in his life is the house keeper. When his father dies his life change a bit. He still paints a lot and this film has painting in focus. Mr. Turner's style belongs into the category of romanticism - somewhat connected to impressionism at times. Ships and ocean are typical motives, stormy weather are often in the mix. Timothy Spall does a fantastic job portaying Mr. Turner. He is REALLY into character. Every move, every breath and every single grunt - there are many of them, seem thought through but natural. That gave him the best actor award at Cannes actually.An interesting story, with great pictures. Mike Leigh has created a well paced film that with it's 150 minutes never felt long.8 out of 10 grunts.

Stephen H (ca) wrote: Could of been filled with background on everyone. The whole movie was slightly rushed.

Nn S (br) wrote: Beautifully shot and driven by extremely strong characters played by extraordinary actors. A strangely 'soothing' zombie movie that I wouldn't mind rewatching.

Jordan L (br) wrote: Pretty much the water version of mad max. Classic!

Chris B (ag) wrote: Michael Shannon is absoultey incredible! I mean get this man an Oscar already, he is outstanding. Andrew Garfield is great as well. The story is decent but 99 Homes relies heavily on the actors performances. The film is definitely worth the watch.