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  • Release:2009
  • Language:Danish
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The 12-year-old Oliver discovers that his grandfather used to be a monster hunter and is keeping a shadow monster locked up in his secret cellar. When the shadow monster accidentally escapes, Oliver and his younger brother Lasse have to follow their grandfather's instructions and enlist their friends to catch the monster and bring it back - before it is too late! »Monster Busters« is based on an idea of the universe in the children's book series by Jacob Weinreich. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Monsterjægerne torrent reviews

Kolton J (us) wrote: WTF? No story behind this movie... Solider runs through desert for whole movie. Very little dialog. Terrible...

Dave J (es) wrote: Monday, June 16, 2014 (2013) Java Heat ACTION It's trying to imply to viewers that it's an action movie, but despite it's obvious limited resources, I still kind of like it, even though the Indonesian culture shown is blatant and uninteresting, the acting is mediocre as well as the story. Jake Wilde (Kellan Lutz) goes undercover working in Indonesia after a nearby terrorist explosion with Lieutenant Hashim (Ario Bayu) on his tail. We soon find out that the 'Sultra of Java' princess was not really killed in the explosion after all, but was really kidnapped with Mickey Rourke playing the bad guy as Malik, who's somehow behind it except that viewers can't really see the link until the movie is progressing. All I can say is that as a big sucker for actual explosions and stunts without help from CGI, even though the few fight scenes the movie had was lousy and amateurish, I still liked this since it looked like that it was trying to do more with the little money the movie had without degrading. I also don't see many movies that involve Indonesia culture. 2.5 out of 4 stars

Victor S (es) wrote: This movie sucks. I don't know why Andy Garcia and Val Kilmer would act in this propaganda.

Sha (ag) wrote: What an unbelievable load of shit!

K G (de) wrote: quite long, but a rather interesting story. the ending is almost too simple, but the storyline is complex enough that i'll forgive it. i really liked Thijs Rmer & Tara Elders in this

Matthew M (ag) wrote: A bit of a kick back to the days of power rangers while totally pocking fun of it. this is the full super hero origin story including some of the most absurd villians ever. I laughed, l crying. I had someone sitting next to me watching it laughing the whole time wondering why i was watching it.... cuz its so darn funny! part of me would have liked it to be all in his head... that would have maybe taken some of hte steam out of it but still been righteous... Power Ranger Parody!

Dina H (nl) wrote: i loved the movie so much one of the best movies i have seen

Jaime Leigh (es) wrote: Love the movie there was only one scene I didnt like and if yawl didnt know the horse actually died in that scene

Marcus M (ru) wrote: Completely silly, and full of unintentional comedy and stock sound effects. Kurt Thomas is a Gymnast who learns karate ! He takes out the bad guys by swinging from conveniently placed pommel horses and High Bars, and of course he use of the Karate. It has a certain charm to it, that makes you want to watch it to its grizzly end.

Anne F (ca) wrote: A Shakespearian actor wreaks revenge in a very gruesome manner upon a group of critics he feels deprived him of an award he deserved. The film was lovely in a 1970s way and used Shakespeare's stories well.

Justin A (br) wrote: I have an old DVD that came in a set and on the back of the box it says "Carefully remastered for best possible picture quality". So the movie starts, the quality is terrible and the tracking goes crazy because apparently it was just a transfer from VHS (which itself was probably a bootleg VHS). What a joke.So my enjoyment of this movie may be slightly skewed because of the terrible quality. I have no idea if there exists a better quality version, but it doesn't matter because I have very little interest in seeing this movie again anytime soon. This movie was flat out boring and a bit confusing (but I think that's because I was nearly nodding off and my mind was wandering while watching this snoozer).Now, this movie isn't completely a loss. I think it needs to be given a bit of a pass. This movie pre-dates Black Christmas and Halloween. This was years before slasher movies became prominent and there wasn't really a formula to follow for success. So this movie was sort of exploring new territory and was doing something new at the time. It should be commended for that at least.Still, the movie is just too boring and the horrible transfer I had to watch (which was so black at times I couldn't even tell what was going on) make this just such a dreadful experience. The only enjoyment I had was noticing a young Mary Woronov, John Carradine, and Candy Darling. Some of the few minutes with the killer are okay, but forgettable. Can't recommend this one.

Stephen P (nl) wrote: Even though it was released in 1932, it's still suspenseful.

Stephen S (nl) wrote: I picked this up from the library a while ago. It's very much in the style of a stage play, with some interesting dialogue and performances. Oskar Werner, especially, is very good.

SammyJo E (gb) wrote: Great great great movie one of my favorites aspically the dance aspect! !!

Queen L (au) wrote: This was more than a bunch of adorable animals living in the same city; it symbolized people of all races, coming together and seeing the beauty in all

Matt F (it) wrote: This is one of my all-time favorites and is based on a true story.