70's horror movie hearthrop Nicky Nicks's (Stephen Sorrentino) falters and he leaves Hollywood only to join the masses in Las Vegas as a very unconventional and inlikely Vocation. All of ...

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Samer S (it) wrote: A candid look at how Oasis took the world by storm in the mid-90's! I'm mad for it all over it again! Noel and Liam are rock legends!

Javier S (ag) wrote: Si slo vas a ver una comedia argentina este anio te recomiendo esta comedia argentina de un chaparrito tipo hobbit que se enamora de una abogada estatuses a que le lleva 40 cm de estatura.

Dedi M (nl) wrote: Penggemar Sigur Ros harus nonton video ini!

Kevin E (it) wrote: very poor i thought and also you hardly see them as werewolfs. really not much of a werewolf film and if you haven't seen it better to see it on dvd if you have to. I wouldn't recommend it though. There is a lot better films out there with werewolfs.

Jacinda C (mx) wrote: I actually remembered this movie for some reason and have been trying to find where I can watch it again. I remember really liking it.....I'm a Dog the Bounty Hunter fan though. I watch......A LOT of movies and there are many I hate, many I feel lukewarm about but this isn't one of them. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to watching it again.

Laura C (nl) wrote: I absolutely adored this movie. I am so happy I got to meet Michael Sparaga (writer). He 's really cool. Perry Mucci and Mackenzie Lush are also awesome. They all came to our class at Algonquin College and spoke to us. I saw Sidekick at a screening in a little theater and loved it. It's too bad they didn't have a bigger budget for the movie because it was great. Go Canada, woot! Can't wait for the next one to come out. I really want to see what Victor does.

Craig W (kr) wrote: Not a bad final entry but not as fun as the others. Davi is once again pretty good and it was cool seeing a young Earle Haley. Didn't care much for the voodoo guy bringing Cordell back but at least it's a fairly plausible idea when you compare it to things like Jason Voorhees etc, also not a fan that Cordell speaks again in this film, he should have remained silent. The end implies a fourth which I'd love to see but I don't think we ever will.

Don S (br) wrote: Low budget sci-fi with foot tall alien humanoids crash landing on earth and taking on a gang in New York. Pretty unbelievable and lousy execution. Bad acting, even for Thomerson. Too asinine to be "bad but good." Played for laughs but I didn't find any. Nice effort though.

Brian H (fr) wrote: Great movie I loved in my twenties...only for the fact of the special cameo of Kristy McNichols' colorful support as a sexy cowgirl tease. Wonderful dance scene in the bar on the skating rink. Woo Doggy! Sexy Sexy Sexy! Zalman King knows how to make quality soft core porn. It's like a harlequin romance come to life but it's great as a late night "I can't get to sleep" movie. Curl up in the dark with some popcorn and enjoy the cheese.

Greg K (fr) wrote: It was everything I thought it would be, and more. Cheesy dialogue, an incoherent plot, awesomely terrible English dubbing, and an hour and a half of laughs at the director's expense. This may have been one of the best white elephant gifts yet.

Steve W (nl) wrote: Chuck finally haves a movie with lots of action. He is wronged by a group of shady badguys and goes on a rampage to seek justice. At the end he fights this huge guy who raped his girl and an old man in a wheelchair screams KILL HIM and it's cheesy and entertaining.

Jeremy S (fr) wrote: Normal movie for Abbott and Costello they move meeting those monsters as well

John W (jp) wrote: It was a delicate matter to actively criticize the politics of the Soviet Union and Communism in 1939, but Ernst Lubitsch's "Ninotchka" pulls it off through its use of satire to demonstrate the draw of Western culture and Capitalism.

Caitlin L (gb) wrote: Really funny. A great cheerleading movie.

Tony M (ca) wrote: Good horror film. I like it - 3 stars.

Cole B (nl) wrote: Bad. Really, really bad.

Paul D (es) wrote: A dazzling, intricate, nearly-perfect movie. Among its strongest points is one that I treasure highly in stories and films, namely the respect of a writer and director for the intelligence of an audience and our capacity to handle complexity and ambiguity.

Rafael F (mx) wrote: It is regular. Still good to watch.