An Australian sheep man comes to Montana looking for grazing space, is opposed by local ranchers and a wealthy cattle-woman.

An Australian sheepman comes to Montana looking for grazing space, is opposed by local ranchers and a wealthy cattle-woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Serge L (it) wrote: Ben Affleck makes a good psychopath. The film takes the view point of a new hire, not too smart, so we get the superficiality of it. It goes well, then less so, then more criminaly. The film has its values, but it appears all rather fake.

Chris W (nl) wrote: Awful. Even for a kids movie. I demanded my Redbox fees back from the children!

Vicky P (de) wrote: Pornishly amateur production, but it's interestingly different, worth a watch if you can stand violence.

Joe S (gb) wrote: A movie about a man with a low wage job who resorts to petty crime in the hopes to fulfill an old promise to beloved family member. Throw in a childish man who lives in a cucco's nest and you have two characters that show great chemistry and can produce quite a number of laughs. overall , fun movie

Carlos I (es) wrote: Corny and ridiculous, but still so much fun. Love all the little cameos.

Johan A (au) wrote: inte! en "clintan rulle"

Aj V (fr) wrote: The actors are very good, and the story is touching, but it's a predictable and overused plot. So, it's a good movie, but it could have done something to make it stand out more and make it different.

Brian G (ag) wrote: The first of the Underworld series is nearly decent, but one could also ask for something of worth in this grim war between rugged monsters and hybrids.

Victor T (jp) wrote: In my book Danny Boyle is a director that not only understands but has mastered filmmaking but I find his style somewhat showoffy. But regardless of my sentiments about Boyle he has crafted many solid and memorable films, and what better example than "Sunshine"Mankind is doomed as the Sun is dying so in a desperate attempt to not only save humanity but all lifeforms on Earth a space mission, properly named Icarus, is send with a massive bomb with the mission to create a new star by using the body of a dying one. But as you would expect the journey towards the Sun is more troublesome than it seemed. Not since Cuarns "Children of Men" have I heard of a sci-fi premise so promising so I rushed to watch this film back when I was 15 but I ended up feeling frustrated after watching it, but after recently rewatching Garlands directorial debut "Ex Machina" I decided to give this film a second chance and sadly I feel exactly the same about it. "Sunshine" is has solid acting with the standouts being the always reliable Cillian Murphy and Chris Evans in his best performance to date, the visuals are beyond gorgeous (easily one of the most visually striking sci-fi films ever made), the characters may lack depth but each of them is believable in their story role and they have solid chemistry, the plot is for the most part solid and its science exposition spot on as it is easy to understand (take notes Christopher Nolan, plus who cares if it isn't scientifically accurate), Garlands writing is the same level of high quality that you would expect from him as he understands how to write a sci-fi film (it is not about alien invasion or massive explosions but about characters and psychological ideas), the score is perfect, Danny Boyles directing is as showoffy as ever but it manages to create an almost flawless tense atmosphere that will keep you on the edge of your seat (it certainly is "Alien" level of suspense), the CGI is not only believable but jaw droopingly gorgeous, and its pacing surprisingly never drags. But needless to say the biggest problem of this film is its last third which provides not only an unnecessarily and quite shocking tonal shift but an underwhelming, even frustrating ending to this gorgeous film. I mean I can forgive a great film for a dumb twist or ending (like "Signs" or more recently with "The One I Love" or Garlands "Ex Machina") but this is not just a few moments, its more than half an hour and it literally throws away the previous 90 minutes of thrilling and compelling atmosphere (let's just put it this way: Is like starting watching Ridley Scotts "Alien" and ending with freaking "Event Horizon"). "Sunshine" is one of the most beautiful sci-fi films ever made and it manages to create a nerve cracking atmosphere and gives solid characters, but all that hard work gets thrown to the trash with an unnecessarily third act that makes all the journey of the previous two acts worth nothing. One of the biggest wastes of potential in recent memory, but if you are a fan of the sci-fi genre this failed experiment is a must see.

Deana N (au) wrote: Very funny. My little girl (3yrs) was mesmerised.

Linda B (fr) wrote: Saw this in full for the first time today. Great feel good musical, fantastic dancing talent on screen. One for all the family!