Montana Sky

Montana Sky

The wealthy stock dealer bequeaths his Montana farm to the three daughters provided they would live there together at least for a year.

The wealthy stock dealer bequeaths his Montana farm to the three daughters provided they would live there together at least for a year. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ollie C (ru) wrote: Came across this movie while searching IMDB. I was looking up the TV show Heroes and saw the list of movies that Adrian Pasdar had been in. I couldn't believe it when I found out that he'd done a movie in drag. And thought it would be interesting to see as I'm used to see him on screen as a high up man (senator in Heroes).The movie was pretty good. It had some good humour and Adrian was pretty convincing in his role. I didn't understand the scene at the end much. Overall it's a decent watch. Not sure if most people would like it but I did purely because of knowing Adrian in other program/films and this was a weird change of tone for him.7/10

Angelito M (ag) wrote: Hahaha...... very HKG style Love Story..... Guys don't want to grow up, more Mature girls want to get back the fun of being young again......

Jeff B (gb) wrote: It would've been better had the main character not been extremely annoying throughout most of the movie. But it did get much better at the end.

Paul D (br) wrote: Simply a few stories of lives revolving around a small arts community, and although none of them have real depth, they are a decent collection of characters so it is a decent watch.

Skyler B (fr) wrote: Any movie with Jack Lemmon in it is worth seeing. This is no exception.

Jake G (fr) wrote: Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh why does this exist

terry a (fr) wrote: funny movie. love the cameos and love that landis puts actors from old movies that are show in his movies in the credits.

Richard D (it) wrote: A romance kindles between an aging, widowed cleaning woman and a Moroccan immigrant 25 years her junior in Fassbinder's homage to Sirk's "All That Heaven Allows". They meet by accident when she ducks into a bar he frequents to avoid the rain. His friends jokingly dare him to dance with her, but they hit it off, each touched by how the other really pays attention to them. They marry and are very happy, but their friends, family and society in general are cruel and ostracize them. This is a beautiful film ... at times tender and touching, and at other times infuriating. Like Sirk, Fassbinder accentuates the artificiality of the melodrama, but in a significantly different fashion. There's a stilted awkardness to many scenes designed to highlight the isolation and estrangement of the characters.

Bloodmarsh K (jp) wrote: Both actors do their part well enough to keep this thing afloat. 'Breezy' is obnoxious, but never crosses the line into annoyance, and Holden manages to add in just enough humor to go along with his dull demeanor. It's certainly not a classic, and it does go on about 15 minutes too long - but Eastwood manages to pull it off.

Maria S (us) wrote: There are very few films I would call misogynistic. Even Michael Bay's Transformers movies had the decency to give their female leads at least one or two moments each where they contributed something to the plot. Not in this film. Here, they only exist to get brutalized, act as eye candy, be exposited at, or mess things up for our male protagonist. The first woman we see is getting brutalized by a murderer, the next who has any bearing on the plot we see is wearing nothing but an apron, brushing her teeth performing stretches. At least in the former case, the scene contributed something to the narrative, but here, it adds nothing. It does not advance the plot, and it only tells us that our lead character is willing to sleep around with women at least a decade younger than him. His secretary reveals dangerous personal information about him after getting drunk on a night out. One of his female students spends some time with him and, oops, she has a crazy ex husband now out for our lead's head! Now, in order to understand what really makes me hate this movie with a passion means I have to spoil the film's big reveal. So here it is: The one behind the attacks was none other than a woman who defended the serial killer we saw at the start of the film in court! Her entire motivation is that she's madly in love with him! The moment that really made me go, "Screw this movie" was when Pacino's character asks, "Are you going to kill me too?" and the killer says, "Only if he wants me to" in a seductive tone. She has no agency! None of the women do! The fact that the film can't decide whether it wants us to doubt out lead-despite the fact that we see the first killing take place-or whether it wants us to side with him is frustrating enough, but knowing the inept way it treats its cast and characters just adds insult to injury.